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Lurve in the afternoon

I played Mom Tuesday-- took Zman to Urgent Care (he's had a deep cough for over a week, and his insurance has lapsed). Ironically, it's less expensive to take him to see a doctor than it is to take the cat to see the vet. Next time Max gets sick, I'm dressing him in doll clothes and taking him to Urgent Care.

I was worried Zman might have pnemonia... but it's just bronchitus. He's already back on his feet. I suspect the Dilbert card I gave him helped (he's fifteen and just crazy about Dilbert-- no, I don't know why!).

I lurve that boy somethin' fierce. He's installing gimp right now :)

We interrupt this entry for some poetry.
Each stone grows heavy
Unless he touches it.
They line his pockets
Where he has collected them.
Fondling each one wherever he goes,
Between fingers and thumb.
Cool, then warm in his palm.

I got that from here. I'm guessing it was written by the user named Bombadil.

I don't know why, but I lurve it.

There are songs in my head, and they need to get out.

Is this heaven or the bakerloo line? It's so bad, and so wonderfully catchy, I can't help but listen to it over and over and over again. (Thanks to petit_chou for the link!)

I feel very much the same way about this odd little Romanian pop song that scottobear mentioned some time ago.

Don't even get me started on Coin Operated Boy (video for which can be found here, about halfway down the page).

I can't seem to get any of those three out of my head these days.

Ma-ia-hii / Ma-ia-huu / Ma-ia-hoo / Ma-ia-haha!

Well, if I can't get 'em out, at least I can infect J00.

The story is, someone actually submitted this as a term paper. It's the funniest offensive thing I've read all month. READ IT. READ IT NOW.


Some further background on it can be found here. Thanks to vidicon for the heads-up!

Morrowind III Game of the Year Edition is the BEST GAME EVAH. I could see my entire life being consumed by this thing for a few weeks, at least. Stupid life, give me time to slack!!

My server at work went down. Sadly I had enough work still on-hand to not be given a valid excuse for slackerdom.

Last thing I have to report today: Paul is the awesomest.

At one point last week, I was feeling like I was taking on an inordinate amount of responsibility around here-- cleaning, paying bills, etc. I realize that this is partially due to a perceptual illusion-- we don't see the stuff other people do, because it's Done. Nevertheless, I was feeling a bit put upon.

But last night, I wasn't feeling well. He did all the shopping, brought me flowers and my favourite foods, cooked dinner, took out all the garbage, and cleaned the house-- including the litterboxes.

Supermajorbigpoints right there. I lurve my guy.

And that, is that. I'm going to make salmon marinated in raspberry dressing, and organic salad tonight (boy will get chicken nuggets and random veggies, as he's not yet been schooled in the art of loving da feeshees).

In the meantime, Morrowind, ho!

Hope you and yours are having a beautiful wonderful day :)

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