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And any fool knows a dog needs a home, a shelter from pigs on the wing.

I love it here, so very much.

In addition to the "normal" birds, squirrels, mailmen and cats, I've seen huge red-headed woodpeckers, swarms of prehistoric jumbo-sized dragonflies, cardinal families, and other assorted creatures from the comfort of my office.

The other night, I heard a hooting out back, and saw the most enormous owl I'd ever seen. It had to be 20-25 lbs (that's over 9 kg for those of the metric persuasion!). Paul brought out his binoculars, and even Zack came out to look. The feathers were so fine they looked like fur.

This morning, I met a frog. I called him Jack. I met him out back. Max didn't attack.

photo of a frog

Lucky frog :)

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