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Fat bottomed girls/They'll be riding today/So look out for those beauties oh yeah

Well, I'm finally getting settled into my new home. So it would seem that it's time to come back to Livejournal, my new island home*

Life is All Kinds of Wonderful :)

Christmas was good. We had Christmas eve and morning here, then visited my Dad's for Christmas dinner. We even got a tree!

photo of a tree!

The boys were thrilled.

photo of enthusiastic young men!

Boy got a little spoiled. Not a lot, but enough :) He's the proud owner of a Mongoose bike and a new computer... and a bunch of games I hope to get to play someday (including the Morrowind Game of the Year edition, and Knights of the Old Republic II).

He got his almost-wicked-stepmom a wicked-cool state-of-the-art wine opener (because she's a wino, don'tchaknow), and his Dad the third season of West Wing. (It's P's favourite show, and both Z and I are getting very hooked on it, despite ourselves!). They were both thoughtful gifts. He also helped me lug his dad's new dvd/speaker combo through Sam's club. He r0xx0rsz!

I do love that boy. There's been no awkwardness in the transition from far-away parent's gf to in-your-face parent-type. It's uncanny how well we communicate. For instance, we were having brunch with my parents on Sunday, when Z hummed three notes at me. Paul had no idea what was going on, but it seemed quite apparent to me that Z wanted to leave.

The three notes were obviously the first three "bicycle" notes from the repeating chorus of Queen's Bicycle Race, so he obviously wanted to go home and ride his new bike, right? Sheesh. It's not like we read minds or anything.

Z has a journal, too. It's a Xanga. I won't link to it (for privacy reasons) but I will share this one bit from Z's thing (in the place)**:
Carolynne, my dad's girlfriend, is FINALLY moving down to Florida. WOO HOO! She's real cool. Just in time for Christmas.

Dude, I got a woohoo! I'm the luckiest almost-stepmom evah.

This has truly felt like Home from the first moment I got here.

My boss called me yesterday evening to give me a quote from Jerry Garcia. He wants to use it in our marketing.

Now, it's a great quote, and extremely applicable to what we want our clients to do...
"You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do."

...but jeez, man-- my boss specifically referred me to a quote from Jerry Garcia. It's giving me the giggles :)

The household has been sick, it's been sick, it's been sick sick sick, it's been undee nigh ah bull lee sick.

Paul's had the flu for nearly a week, and now Z's feeling under the weather.

Meanwhile, the cats were so sick that we had to put them on antibiotics. Gracie got it first. She'd have these massive sneezing sessions where she'd sneeze twenty times in a row... usually, on Maxman's food (I think it was on purpose). She got antibiotics. Then Max came down with it so violently the weekend before last that we had to give him some of her antibiotics. The vet around the corner was so nice about it. "Technically, I haven't seen Max, only Gracie, so I can't legally treat him... but here's some more antibiotics for Gracie. You understand, right?"

Rock on, vet lady.

She thinks Gracie is much younger than ten years. I thought so, too. However, Gracie's teeth are so bad that they have to come out. Poor girlie. That's probably why she's been so cantankerous. The antibiotics seem to have helped that situation, though: she's been much nicer.

There's no question now. She's Daddy's Girl.

photo of a cat and her person

I was planning on getting a second opinion on Gracie's teeth from a holistic vet in the area yesterday, but something came up.

Max had blood in his urine. A lot of blood.

So, yesterday morning, the vet around the corner finally got to see Max. She adored him.

She told me that:
A. Orange male kitties have a gene that makes them exceptionally "Good"
B. Female calicos have a gene that makes them inherently "Evil"

Except Gracie of course. She'd forgotten about Gracie. She thinks Gracie is a Very Good Cat.

But she was absolutely joyful at the Goodness that is Max.

There was no obstruction, and urinalysis this morning revealed that he probably doesn't have crystals. It's likely just a lower UTI caused by stress. So, that's good news. He's on antibiotics again, and prednosone for the inflammation. I don't know if D-Mannose works in cats, or I'd get him some.

I was once on Chef. I think I might have been on Santa.

Now I'm on Filetmignon.


Aparrently, I'm on Whatever Cluster Happens to be Down at the Time! ;)

I just took a swing break. Know what a swing break is?

It's when you take a break from working to go swing on the swings.

Thankfully, I have some right next door.

photo of swingset

I recommend it highly :)

Another thing I'd recommend highly:

Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater. OMG. It's instantly become a fave album with all three of us. This is the concept album Mozart would have created if he'd been influenced by Rush, Yes, Styx, Zappa and Pink Floyd. The guitar and keyboard work is phenomenal... but the drumming... the drumming is absolutely mind-blowing.

I'm kicking myself that I didn't discover Dream Theater sooner... they played with Yes at the NY State Fair this past summer. *boottothehead*

When I returned from my wild swinging time, I nearly stumbled across this on the walk:

photo of wasps' nest

I gleefully brought it inside to show to Zackman.

"What is it?" he asked skeptically.

"It's a wasp's nest!" I replied. He cringed.

"It's safe now-- it's just the nest part. But isn't it cooooooool?"

He looked me in the eye and said "You are a Weird Girl."

Well, duh.

A Weird Girl who is secretly thrilled that she just figured out how to use the manual focus on her camera :)

I could type all day. Wait-- I already do. What I meant to say, um, type, is that I could continue in this vein and make you scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll... but instead, I'll leave off here, and try to make livejournaling a more regular occurance.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Say a prayer for those across the world have lost family, friends, homes.

Better yet, send some money, too.

Remember how fortunate you are.


* In the '80s, the Jamaican Tourism Board ran a series of commercials with the tagline "Come back to Jamaica, your new island home." It was veyr popular, and very effective. A lot of people who grew up during that time will be able to sing or hum the jingle for you.
That ad campaign is notable for one other reason (taken from this document):
In 1990, Young & Rubicam (Y&R) pled guilty to conspiring to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and paid a fine of $500,000. The charges resulted from claims that Y&R had made payments to Arnold Foote, a Jamaican business executive, who used the money to bribe the Jamaican Minister of Tourism, Eric Abrahams, in order to win an advertising account for Jamaican tourism. The resulting contract produced the award-winning advertising campaign "Make it Jamaica, Again" featuring the song "Come Back to Jamaica."

I'd be eternally grateful if someone could find a copy of that jingle. Yes, I would.

** "The thing, in the place" is a running gag in our house. Paul started it, and Zack and I have perpetuated it. The only thing is, Z and I know what the other's talking about when we say things like that.

*** Do not click if you are easily offended by naked ladies on bicycles.

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