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Pyjamarama (Headache, my foot!)

Well, I spent my Sunday on a crying jag. I couldn't even begin to explain why. So I won't bother.

Suffice it to say that I have a huge text-file-of-a-post-that-won't-ever-see-the-light-of-lj. :P

I will note the following:
1. It's difficult to be strong all the time, and not too healthy to even try, I think.
2. I'm not crying anymore.
3. I have taken some Motrin for my headache (this is an event of some rarity, folks-- mark yer calendars!).
4. I got a nice laugh from some very funky platform shoes1.

And a big thank you to the two very wonderful people who helped me out of my seemingly-bottomless funk, almost against my will. Thank you :)

(Oh, and another thank you to Well-wisher for engaging in some wonderful brain-bending early this smorn during a 4am tubecookie binge. (Yes, smorn.))

I've jumped aboard the stor bandwagon. Never let it be said that I wasn't a joiner. (Besides, it's awfully funny to see rows and rows of these things in some people's comments!)

I had stupidly posted my little "piggies and leather" image yesterday as a bmp, which-- duh-- a lot of browsers (and certain internet appliances) do not like, so here it is as a GIF2.

*ca-crack* goes the cat-toy

Maybe yesterday's post makes more sense now. Or not.

On a different series of notes...

~Silk pyjamas, silk pyjamas
She was wearing silk pyjamas
Usual outfit, big pith helmet
Dr. Martens and silk pyjamas

Said it was driving her half insane
To live in a city with no underground train
She took her umbrella and her biscuit tin
And she wandered off into the smog
For a slurpy and a tofu dog, singing...

whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo

Silk pyjamas, silk pyjamas
She was wearing silk pyjamas
In the daytime
In the night
She was wearing silk pyjamas~

Have I ever mentioned I have this awful thing for Thomas Morgan Dolby Robertson? Oh, I do. Please don't tell him. I'd be so terribly embarrassed.

Well the silk pyjamas are calling my name... I'm lacking a pith helmet and doc martens, but I do have a magical turtlefur hat and blue suede clogs. I hadn't ever considered wearing them all as an ensemble out on the town, but hmm... I see my wardrobe suddenly exploding!

No, really! I'd better go rescue the cat!

Oh-- and before I extinguish Mr. Kitty, welcome, Crouton! Jeez, I've only been meaning to add you for like a gazillion years. Better late than never.

And once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rillifane and Mouse's Mom!

::Exits stage left in her pyjamas, clutching an extinguisher::


1 I'd post a pic, but it's on ebay, and the bidding ends tomorrow... well, here's a link anyway. Scroll down a bit. Hrm... As an aside, I just realized that thigh-high boots have been suggested to me twice, by two very different individuals, under two different sets of circumstances today... One suggested white, one suggested black. I think the writers-of-my-life are off-strike again (and are likely going to be asking for a raise soon...) ;P

2 Try not to think of me so much as a hypocrite as a double agent seeking publicity. (And next time I WILL endeavor to use a PNG, I promise!!) :)

3 The secret footnote! Here's hoping I make it to work in the early morning traffic without headlights :P Me and my wiring diagrams. D'OH! Oh, and you get two gold stars if you recognized Pyjamarama as a rather obscure Roxy Music/Brian Eno reference. :)

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