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Contract and prequal letter: Received and faxed to attorney.
$52: Lent to Chuck* so his car wouldn't get towed.
Brain: About to explode from workload.

I'm freaking out about everything. Too much to do on all fronts. Mind you, there's nothing new about this.

I'm falling behind fallingbehindf a l l i n g b e h i n d.

I have no CLUE what I'm doing for Thanksgiving. Do I drive to Boston or don't I?!

I'd like to see my aunt, and my cousin and his family before I go... on the other hand, it's guaranteed to be a stressful drive and could be a stressful dinner. And lord knows I could use the time for packing. Going to Michele's is also an option.

I don't feel capable of making another decision at the moment.

Commence screaming... now.

OK, so, um, yeah-- how YOU doin'?

* Chuck's the guy who "likes" Michele and who brought me flowers and a balloon one day just because I looked like I needed cheering up. Good guy, that Chuck.

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