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So I'm using SFTP (secure ftp) to upload and download files from my office, right?

Except, actually, I wasn't; that was the problem: It wasn't working.

It wasn't even a simple problem to identify. I could tunnel into the server just fine-- I just couldn't get into most of the folders once I did. It would change the directory, then hang before listing the contents. It wasn't just due to a slow 'net connection, either: It would hang for hours. Literally, hours. And never would it LIST.

The guy who set up the tunnel in the first place has been able to use it just fine. Of course.

So, great. I tried everything.

I talked to the guy who originally set it up. He was on the road, but promised he'd call me when he got in; maybe he could VNC into my box and see something I was missing. I was skeptical (not to mention paranoid about letting anyone into my box, even if he is a trusted friend).


I read the FAQ.

I read ALL of the bug reports.

I browsed through months and months of forum questions.

I tried passive mode. I tried active mode. I tried forcing SSH1. No luck.

I ran the thing with all the debug options on. No help there: it just hung on an ordinary command.

I shut it down. I started it up. I tried using it on another computer. I checked all my router settings. I restarted. EVERYTHING.

Nothing. Same problem, and no closer to resolution.

Finally, I'd had enough. I created a SourceForge account (But didn't I have one already? Evidently not!) and prepared to post my full log. I restarted FileZilla so that I might have a spankin' clean log to post.

And it worked. I had changed absolutely NOTHING since the last five times I'd unsuccessfully tried to use it.

I called the guy who set it up. "Did you do something weird to our server?"

"Uhm, no," he replied, "actually, I'm at the supermarket. Can I pretend I did something great just now?"

Yes, sir. Fine job :)

Evidently, today's motto is: If all else fails, join SourceForge.

Really, it's good advice even if things are working fine.

I bought a watch today (it's actually a dark pewter dial, not black). And a wallet.

And a big box of Legos and a big box of Duplos for a toy drive somewhere (we're having our little office party tomorrow, and one of the girls suggested we bring a toy for the needy instead of gifts for each other-- I thought it was a grand idea).

And all the fixens for a Monster Salad (and this one is really a monster!). It's a potluck party, and I was instructed on what I should bring :)

I also picked up $150 worth of Cat Schtuff, including two nifty cat carriers for the drive south. I got a medium (normal cat size) for Gracie, and an intermediate (normal dog size or enourmous cat size) for Maxman.

Of course, Max wanted the small one and Gracie wanted nothing to do with either of them.

Max has since taken to the larger one. Gracie? She evidently has some history with cat carriers or something.

It's gonna be a loooooooooong trip ;P

I called six or seven local moving companies yesterday; none were open (at least, nobody was available in sales; I'm sure there were people in dispatch). I'm going to have to talk to all of them tomorrow.

After work, I need to take a crapload of stuff to goodwill, and finish putting up the storm windows.

I've got a realtor coming by Tuesday for an interview. I need to work on a sliding commission scale before he gets here.

AND I need to call a couple more realtors so that I have a few from which to make my selection.

Did I mention that the house is a WRECK? Yes, the house is a WRECK.

It's gonna be a looooooooooong couple o' days!

Whenever I have a free moment (which is rare, to be sure), I think about PuzzleDonkey.

I'm currently stuck on 2.5.

I know what to do, I just don't have all the words. It'll come to me.

If you like puzzles, you should really check that site out :)

You can kill me later.

We had a good improv show Saturday. Sadly, there were only five people in the audience. Since we weren't outnumbered, we went on anyway.

Afterward, I stopped by The Van Dyck for a quick beer. Unfortunately, I sat next to Drunk Guy.

Well, not so unfortunately, really-- he gave my ego quite a boost :) He's probably a great guy when he isn't hammered.

I declined his numerous offers to go next door and see his etchings paintings. ;)

I haven't been commenting at all, even to comments to my own journal.

I don't know that I'll get the opportunity anytime soon.

Folks, it's not you. It's me.


I appreciate every word, though.

For someone with no time, I've gotten a lot of reading done in the in-between spaces lately. I just finished Mirror, Mirror. It wasn't as good as Wicked, imo, but it was a much faster and fluffier read. I suppose I'll have to get and read Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister now.

I'm exhausted. I've gotten plenty of sleep this weekend, but I'm still exhausted. I sometimes awaken from the sound of my own teeth grinding. It's a sensation I'm unable to reproduce in my waking hours. I've been having wildly vivid dreams, too.

This, too, shall pass.

I hope you are all well and happy and pursusing your blissessesss.


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