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Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Catpoo Problem

To imitrex, or not to imitrex: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous migraine,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The headache and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep.

Migraines SUCK.

Oh, and I discovered that I had probably made a poor choice of movers.

I researched the DOT number, and saw they had two trucks and two drivers. I decided to ask my representative about it.

I asked how many trucks they employed. She answered "Fifty-five!"

I asked if those were their trucks, or trucks they subcontracted. She said "Oh, they're our trucks!"

I said "DOT says you have two."

She said "Really?"

I said "Yes."

She said she'd look into that, and what other concerns did I have?

I suggested she find out how many trucks they had before exploring the subject any further.

So she sent me an email:
I just spoke to my supervisor and to dispatch..

We have 2 registered trucks, but we also use alot of rider trucks. We do
also rent some of the bigger truck, just because it's an easier and cheaper way of doing it.

But all truck drivers and loaders are our own employees, we do not rent the
trucks with people from other companies!

If you need any further information, you can call Rose, who's the head of
dispatch, at...

I called Rose at dispatch, and lo and behold, they subcontract almost everything out.

So I sent the following email:

According to NAMEOFDISPATCHER, the drivers and loaders are, for the most part, subcontractors hired on an as-needed basis. They are _not_ NAMEOFMOVINGCOMPANY employees.

That's twice I've been misinformed today. Perhaps you were misinformed yourself.

In any case, I'm not interested in doing business with a company that thinks it's ok to tell me it has 55 trucks when it has 2, and that it uses only its own employees when it has 2 drivers registered with the DOT and subcontracts all the rest. In fact, I'm not interested in doing business with any moving company that relies heavily on subcontractors unless they mention that fact upfront and have a clear screening policy.

I'm sorry, NAMEOFREPRESENTATIVE. My problems are with NAMEOFMOVINGCOMPANY and not with you. I hope you are better informed for the next customer, and I wish you every happiness.


Now I don't have movers, or a moving rep with a sexy accent :( On the upside, at least I discovered all this now and not after me stuff was on a truck somewhere.

Back to the drawing board.

Have I mentioned that migraines SUCK?!

But wait! There's more! :D

The telecommuting solution is less of a solution and more of an inky black stain on the carpet.

It ain't workin', folks.

Hoping I can get the problem rectified this weekend.

Ow. Migraine.

Oh, and I finally solved The Case of The Catpoo Problem.

You see, when I returned from Cleveland last week, I discovered a basement fulla cat poo. I figured it was due to the cats showing their displeasure at my having left them (mind you, they had daily visits from Michele, but still).

Since then, the problem has continued.

I've watched Gracie (yup, that's her name now-- her choice, not mine), and she seems to use the litterbox regularly. In fact, she graciously gives me her weight in poo each day. Not sure how she does it, but I'm regularly amazed.

Max, however, has been walking around with a stick up his butt. But it couldn't be Max! He'd never do such a thing!

Michele bought me a small litterbox to put in the basement. I showed it to Max, and he happily used it immediately.

And I figured that was it. Max didn't want to sit on someone else's poo; and really, who could blame him?

Until today.

I let Max in from outside, and he went straight for the litterbox. "Hooray!" I thought, "He's using the communal litterbox!"


Gracie had bullied him out of the litterbox while he was communing with nature.

She and I had a long talk about it. No wet food for bullies.

When I left, they were sleeping next to each other on the bed.

Go figure.

Btw, it's snowing.

Anywho, this is way more than I'd meant to write. I need to find a realtor and a moving company, and do the sixty million other things that need doing.

Catch you on the flip side, folks!

Here's hoping your brains are free from migraines, your basements free from cat poo, and your movers free from litigation.


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