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1. Write Copy 2. ... 3. PROFIT!

From Tuesday night through Saturday, I was in Cleveland at the Glazer-Kennedy Information Marketing Summit & Blueprint Seminar

Of course, a large chunk of the summit was selling stuff in the back of the room. It was very odd, learning how to win customers and systematically persuade them to buy and rebuy and then buy some more, when everybody in the room was one of these guys' customers (who were being pursuaded to buy and rebuy and then buy some more). It was the business equivalent of an M.C. Escher drawing, in my mind. Everybody was aware of it, and still kept forking their money over. It was surreal.

But I learned some amazing stuff there, folks. I took 17 pages of notes in 11 point text on one day alone.

If I have my way, I'll turn the company I work for (and will be given the opportunity own someday) into a multi-million dollar firm.

And I'll be keeping my eyes open for product to promote on my own, just in case I don't get my way :)

I suppose if I actually do get rich from any of this, I'll have to buy something simply on principle. (Besides, if I actually do get rich from this, it would be in my best interest, I suppose.)

Oh, and I met John Carlton. That made me very happy, even though I suspect that I scared him. He seemed very nice, anyway, as he was slowly and deliberately backing into that elevator.

In other news, I read a couple of books over the past few nights, despite my very hectic schedule. They were good. One was "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time." I've been wanting to pick up a copy ever since I saw it in the UK last February. It's excellent and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It also seems to have changed my writing style, at least for the moment.

In other other news, the house sale is going as planned (knock on wood), and I hope to be with my boys by Thanksgiving.

I'm gonna go finish my laundry and prep my notes for tomorrow's meeting. I hope you are all well and happy and pursuing your bliss :)

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