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My life, in brief snippets

Garage Sale: Had one last Saturday, and the Saturday before that. Newspaper screwed up the advertising for it the first Saturday, so I got freebies for the second. Can you believe I had earlybirds ringing my doorbell before 9a for a 10a sale?! Made ~$200, all told (and got rid of a few annoying items, like the enormous ugly beige couch and the 1972 Funk and Wagnalls!). Threw out a lot of crap, too. I still have boxes and boxes and boxes of schtuff left to donate, though. Hopefully, goodwill will be accomodating.

House: Still hasn't been sold, though a few people have looked at it. Think good thoughts, k?

Kitty: Still hasn't told me her name, though she did seem partial to Goo Goo Ga Choob (don't ask) and Queenie. We'll see. She's a total slob, too, always knocking food all over the place and only just now beginning to cover up her, um, stuff in the litter box-- I might have to call her Madison. She's also very jealous of Maxman, and always desirous of attention. She's still a sweetie, though, and tremendously loving. She loves watching the computer.

Maxman: Is still a little put out, but pretty much OK with the situation. He's such a neatnik... always playing Felix to her Oscar. He doesn't even like to listen to her eat, and expressed his displeasure at the state of the litterbox by doing his thing all over the basement. Surprisingly, though, they don't actually fight at all. Well, once they passed too close to each other, and each tried to slap the other's paw. Heh. Sissyfight!

Improv: Received an interesting email last week advertising Saturday's show... with me in it. O_O They're subtle, no? So I went out and performed Saturday night. Man, I've missed those folks. Apparently, they'd missed me, too :)

Work: HOLYSCHMOLEYHAVEIEVERBEENBUSY. New employee, new computers, new clients, so much to do. 'Nuff said there!

Michele: Is so awesome I could just cry. I was actually going to relax for a couple hours Sunday, but she called and suggested we work on my lawn. She's the rockinest rocker what ever did rock, she is. My yard looks awesome. We may go see Shrek II tonight at the Awesome Theatre. Lord knows I could use a break.

Relaxation: Well, I did get some relaxation in this weekend: I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night. I really really enjoyed it. I'm a huge Charlie Kaufman fan, and I wasn't disappointed. Jim Carrey is really quite excellent when not playing Jim Carrey, and both Brits had absolutely brilliant diction. I often forgot they were British. I've decided that I want to do projects with Focus Features. I also want to be Kate Winslet.

ZMan: Is 15. *FANFARE* His father took him to Orlando Saturday night so they could go to the big Sam Ash there on Sunday. Did they call a hotel for reservations? No. Did they check to see if Sam Ash would be open? No. Luckily, Sam Ash was open, but they had to drive through Orlando all the way to Daytona to find a hotel room. They finaly found one at 4am. I sent him this and a burnt copy of this (I'll send him the real thing soonishly). I hope he likes :)

Neighbors: Blacktopped half their lawn. I kid you not. What's scary about this situation is that there's no drainage... so all the rainwater runs off onto my property. I chatted with the owner yesterday-- he assured me that he'd put in a lip or some other drainage, and will even ask around to see if he knows anyone who might be interested in buying the house :)

Vandal: Somebody kept knocking-down/stealing/otherwise-vandalizing my For Sale by Owner sign on my front lawn. I used my webcam as a motion-detecting security cam and discovered it was a young kid. I alerted the authorities, moved the sign back (so it wasn't so tempting to kick) and haven't had a problem since. In other vandal news, I went around Friday night putting up my garage sale signs on lampposts and telephone poles with staples and duct-tape, dragging my stepstool behind me. Teehee :) I felt so naughty! Took 'em all down yesterday, though. I'm just not meant to be bad, I guess ;)

Ring: After doing the lawn work and taking down the signs yesterday, I stopped by the local pizza joint to grab a quick slice before going grocery shopping. I washed my hands, and as I was drying them, my claddaugh went flying. I found it behind the toilet (ew). When I returned to the counter, I discovered that one of the emeralds was missing! I went back to the bathroom and found it (ew again). The jeweler should have it repaired by tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, my hand feels naked. I told P about it, and he suggested that perhaps it's served its purpose and we should get another ring in the near future. I think that's a lovely idea ;)

Livejournal: I MISS YOU SO!

There's more, but I've too much to do right now to elaborate further.

I hope you are all well and happy and pursuing your bliss :)


PS: THIS is very cool! (Thanks, gev!)

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