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...has fleas.

...is ten years old.

...has apparently been spayed.

...obviously had a family at one point.

...has to have drops in her ears for three weeks.

...was apparently unfamiliar with the concept of closed car windows, and kept trying to jump out of them. Once she realized that this wasn't a viable option, she rode the rest of the way curled up on my lap.

...was a real trouper at the vet. She got tested and vaccinated and dewormed and shaved (to see if she'd been spayed) without complaint. She even purred when they cleaned out her ears. Poor girl.

The vet gave me a deep deep deep deep discount.

She and Max are getting along quite well, all things considered. (Where "all things considered" means "even though she's sleeping on one of his favourite blankets.")
If I can't take her, I hope to find her a home with friends (or a FOAF). I don't think the shelter is a good option for a ten year old cat.

Regardless of whether I personally keep her or not, she needs a name. Kali*, or Harley**?

photo of adorable kitty
Could I possibly be more adorable? No.

Poll #361662 Name that cat!

Name, please:

Something else!

Something else?

Of course, her actual name will be determined by what suits her best. But I'm interested in knowing what you folks think :)

* Kali -co
** Harley -quinn
*** I'm not terribly original with names, I'll admit.
**** A related conversation-- Paul: "I think you've been adopted, and although I wasn't really for it before, I think you-- we-- should keep her." Me: "Really? Honest? I love you :)" Paul: "Yeah, really. Just remember this when I start talking about babies. ;)"
***** And yes, I can hear emoticons over the phone.

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