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Pussy Galore

The universe conspires against me. No, really; I'm serious.

But I'll save all that for another entry. Right now, I have a more pressing matter.

Adorable calico kittycat has adopted me. We'll call her "Harley" for now. She sleeps under the bushes next to the house, and cries at the door for me to come out and pet her. When I do, she wraps herself around my legs and mews and purrs and begs to be let into the house. At first I thought that perhaps she had kittens in trouble, as she made efforts to lead me around under the bushes, but now I think she was just trying to show me her current living situation

She can't be totally feral. She's tremendously affectionate (the most affectionate cat I've ever met, in fact, and that's saying something) and responds to commands.

I don't know if I can afford another cat right now, for a variety of reasons:
...transporting two cats to Florida is much more difficult than transporting one
...finding a rental that allows cats (as opposed to "cat") is likewise difficult
...Maxman is not keen on her (she's dominant and he's a scaredy cat)
...smellycat likely has fleas and appears to need dental work (or listerine)

However, the nights are getting colder. I had a very hard time leaving her outside last night, and we expect a frost tonight.

So the question becomes...

Do I take her to the vet today, or do I take her to the no-kill shelter?

photo of kitty

Poll #361336 O lovely Pussy, O Pussy, my love - What a beautiful Pussy you are

What do I do with this lovely pussy?

Take her to the vet and adopt her immediately!
Take her to the shelter - she'll be adopted in no time!
Do something else! (Please explain in comments.)

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