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and she's here again gone again here again girl

Eating my dinner, drinking a glass of white merlot. Figured I had a second, so I'd check in :)

Dinner is my (almost) famous Taco Schmaco Pie--

Heat up a can of jalapeno black beans and some salsa in a pan (add a can o' refried beans if you're cooking for more than one or two)
Oil the sides and bottom of another pan, the approximate diameter of a corn tortilla
Heat a corn tortilla over a gas flame, turning once
Put the tortilla in the pan what fits it, put some of the beans and salsa on top, add jalapeno monterey jack and cheddar
Heat another tortilla, add some more gunk
Layer, baby; layer

I add other stuff if I there are more people, but for just me? Plenty as is, with another big meal for tomorrow.

Things are looking up in my world. At the very least, my attitude has adjusted, and I feel like I'm making some progress.

I've been keeping busy. Today at work, I did preliminary interviews over the phone with 6 or 8 people who had responded to our ad for an assistant (scheduled face-to-face interviews for two really outstanding candidates for tomorrow), designed and ordered a server and three workstations (well, the workstations were off-the-rack), rewrote a letter our Admin has created for sending to a particular type of prospect... and heaven only knows what else. Somebody brought me Chinese food for lunch; I remember that much.

Been reading this book. Quite liking it, really :) Don't bother reading it if you have an aversion to aristocratic upperclassy PBS'ey language. It's a delightful English murder mystery, and I think it's calibur is as high as those written by Dame Agatha Christie, if I dare say so.

Been listening to, well, the album I'm listening to. I haven't listened to the words much, but the music is in the key and texture of my life. It tastes like childhood with a side of tomorrow and a touch of wistfulness.

Been playing a cracked version of this. I never do cracked software, but for once glad I didn't pay for the damned thing. It's rather buggy, and eventually fairly predictable... but still bloody addictive. I'll delete it in another day or so, nonetheless.

Heh. I make it sound like I've got "free time," don't I? :P

I don't really. This is my free time for today (minus some reading before bed).

Paul's in Japan. l miss him more than ever. Our phone calls are infrequent, and it's rather disconcerting to say "goodnight" in the morning and "good morning" at night. I haven't seen him since June. I think some of my stress comes from wondering if this is all really "worth it."

Faith gets shaken sometimes; even mine. If faith were never shaken, what would be its point?

My dreams have been vivid and consuming. I usually forget them upon awakening.

The Admin is considering renting my house to own. I'll have to think further about whether I can afford to do that.

The days are still pleasant, but the nights are cold. It's well past time to go.

I need to be nicer to myself. It's not worth stressing over. None of this-- the house, the relationship, work-- is worth making myself miserable over. They are all Good Things, and all good things come in all good time. Part of me mourns the things I cannot do right now, the opportunities which have passed me by-- improv, dragoncon, vegas-- part of me knows that mourning has its purpose, and that this in itself is moving forward in a way.

The Universe is progressing as it should. That's not an excuse to get lazy, mind you; it's just a fact worth noting to keep me sane.

Oh, I don't think I told you-- my cat has a cat. I call her (or him) Little Kitty or Moxie (depending on my mood). He/she/it won't come near me, but follows Max around like a little puppy. Cat. I'm hoping I can win it/him/her over before I have to leave. We'll see.

That's all I've got. It's all jumbled about, but hopefully you can make some sense of it. I've not the time to edit right now.

But I am happier, and healthier, than I've been in awhile.

Hope you are all well and happy, too :)

*Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough*

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