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Today is the last binary day 'til 10/01/01

I'm so sick. I woke up TWO HOURS late for work-- just before my boss phoned me :/ I felt fine, apologized profusely, got my ass into gear, and... got violently ill.

I rephoned him, apologized further, nearly fell over, and went back to sleep.


My boss HAD to discuss things with me. In person. I had a choice-- go in, or have him come over. Did I mention that my apt receives relief funds for being a natural disaster area? Well, it doesn't. BUT IT SHOULD.

So I dragged my butt into work. Didn't get any training done with the new employee (whee-- I supervise/train two now :P) but I did get to chat with a very nice doctor and my boss. (Heh... boss made the mistake of mentioning I might have to work late sometimes... I was all over that like bad mayonnaise. I mean, I've been working 45-50 hour weeks and sometimes more for the better part of SIX YEARS! I AM PUSHING IT CLOSER TO 40, like it or not. Do not argue with the sick and cranky child. Thank you.) Oh, and I even got some work done between tummyache grimaces.

Now I'm back home, and looking about seven months pregnant.


I think it was all due to bad cheese. "BAD CHEESE? TAINT NO SUCH THING!" ...and tainted, I think it was. Which means three outta three things so far that I bought at BJs yesterday were a bust:

1. The task chair that wobblewobbles and offers little lumbar support
2. The dvd player that skipskipskips (I haven't actually tried it, but I've decided to get a decent one or just splurge for the PS2)
3. The specialty cheese from hell

I also got the original Thief for the PC, JetMoto2 for the PSX and a couple crappy memory cards. We'll see if and how they all work sometime soon.

It was my first time at BJs. It frightened me. And I'm simply amazed that I held back from buying more junk (especially PC and PSX stuff... and those SIMS...).

OH! And after becoming bewildered and baffled, and buying in bulk at BJs, I saw Unbroken Unbreakable with two chums.

Oh, that was SO yum. I loved the director's choices, and the cinematography. The lighting also stood out as outstanding ("stood out as outstanding?" whee-- byebye vocabulary!). Bruce Willis was remarkable as an oh-so-normal guy, too. And the dark humor was right on target. I only wish the pacing wasn't so weird in the last few minutes.

Then I went and had a beer and played pool. I am happy to report that I kicked butt at pool, and did not smoke :) Didn't even wanna! (the last two times I had a beer in a bar, I did... pleasedon'thurtmepapoosie! Ima Quittah!)

Then I thought I lost a ruby earring. I don't think it was terribly expensive or anything, but they were a gift, and I wear them a lot, so I was a bit upset. Then, driving home, BOTH HEADLIGHTS WENT OUT : P A good *thwap* fixed one headlight, and I found the missing earring on the kitchen counter... exactly where I left it before going to work : P

("I'm really very blessed," she said as she doubled over in pain.)

When I got home, I read about a zillion ljs in record time :P You folk really do lead interesting lives! ...especially when the server's fast...

Well, my tummy is very ouchie, my head's dizzy, and I'm liable to fall over at any moment, so away I go.

Hope your days are bright and shiny, and distinctly lacking the presence of tummy gremlins.

Hugs : )

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