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Somebody call the waahmbulance; Ldy's fallen in True Love and has to move. Poor Ldy :P

Still alive, still plugging along.

House still isn't on the market, but should be by next weekend. Will be by next weekend. There. I've made a deadline.

Paul and I are both at the ends of our ropes. We need to have a place for October to get Z into the other high school, which means he needs to get ready to move, and so do I.

He leaves for Japan and Taiwan in two weeks and won't be back for another two weeks.

Meanwhile, it looks like I'll have to sell my house and move down, then fly back up for the closing. Or just wait. Either way, I'll have to pay for two places for October. With what money? I'm not sure.

Moving's gonna cost an arm anna leg. $3k just to rent a truck?! I don't think so! I should get a number of quotes from mostermoving.com tomorrow and Tuesday. If all else fails, I'll send my stuff down on this $1.5k truck*, send my car down on a carrier, and fly down with Maxman. I'd really like to use these things, but alas, that service is not available here.

I'm hoping that the moving expenses can be paid by cc, and paid off with the money I get from the house.

I'm also hoping that I don't get too freaked out when I finally do sell it and it's time to do the paperwork. This company may be an option if I do. They have a local office, though I'm not sure whether that office will do "just the paperwork" or what they might charge for it. Their total package (basically, a discount realty service) for $3k is a bit more than I need at this point. I'll call them tomorrow. If nothing else, they should be able to give me a free CMA (competitive market analysis). I've an idea of what houses are going for around here, but it'll be interesting to see what they come up with.

I don't even wanna talk about packing. I should have gone through my Mom's crap years ago. Mind you, I just threw out some junky earrings I used to wear in high school; before I complain about my Mom's packrattishness, I should address my own.

And work is just killing me. Bossman can't afford the money for a "real" server, so I'm going to have to slap together a quick win2k fileserver. Screwit. Mind you, all this IT stuff is on top of my normal workload, which is non-technical in nature and crazy-busy to begin with.

My only escape from all this has been my occasional visits to KoL, and even that may have to be put on hold for the time being.

I haven't seen my boys in ten weeks.

And of course, I miss all of you. Probably more than you all know.

Screw it. Once I've got the bedroom swept, I'm taking a bath. With rose petals. And I'll drink a Guinness. I don't care how late it is. And I'm not going to even think about VPNs or moving or why-can't-I-get-a-damned-lawncare-service-to-return-my-calls or bills or closings or open houses or all the crapola I've collected over the years or training new hires or building servers or telecommuting or why I'm smoking or this weight gain around my middle or how long it'll be before I see my boys again or how much I miss you guys or or or ANYTHING AT ALL.

Except maybe, cleaning the tub before I dive in. :P

In fact, the sweeping can wait 'til tomorrow. I've got a hot date with some bubbles, yo.

This, too, shall pass. Yes it shall.

Please stand by. I promise I'll come back. I'll be a regular here again come October or November. And I'll be infinitely happier when I do :)

Hope you are all well and happy and pursuing your respective blissessess xoxoxoxo

If you need me, I'll be in the tub.

* Why does it cost less to have someone else drive your stuff down? They're a reputable company, too. Weird.

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