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They called her "Ol' Paint"

live image of ldy painting

click on image for refreshing cam in new window

Tummy's not happy, but we're going to forge ahead anyway. Excelsior!*

9:20p ADDENDUM: ALL DONE, including the cleaning! As much as I love my power-roller, I will never, ever, ever, use it again to paint a ceiling. Tonight went much faster and far less painfully than when I primed-- even with cutting-in and cleanup, I'm done earlier than then, and my shins and back aren't killing me. Wheeeeeeeee! Thanks for joining me!

* Excelsior means "still higher," and it's the motto of NY. Fill in your own joke here.
** Excelsior is also wood shavings used as packing material.
*** Oh, and that thing on my head is just proof that I'm slowly morphing into a hospital employee of some sort.

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