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We are Wagnerese, if you please; we are Wagnerese if you don't please.

I was so exhausted at work today I could barely function. Most of my work is writing and design work, so it's exhausting to begin with (especially on Fridays), but today, after last night, was brutal.

I stopped by M's after work to pick up the ceiling paint. We chatted for awhile, had a beer, and played with the cats in the yard.

I came home and collapsed.

I woke up to find that the roller hadn't dried yet. Anyone who's ever had to paint anything with a wet roller knows that painting a ceiling with one is likely going to make the painter go mad. Or get mad. Or something.

So I struggled to get the roller cover off.

I didn't have any solvent, so I used my method of choice (which some of you will no doubt be familiar with): gentle brute force with a Ginsu knife.

Things That Are Fun to Know! Apparently, in Wagnerese, "screw the endcap off" means "pry it off with pliers, as hard as you can," because it is not designed to turn in any way.


Anywho, I'm wearing my painting duds, but am going to eat a defrozen frozen pizza with lotsa extra cheese and veggies on it before making the decision of whether to tackle the ceiling tonight or not.

"Tackling a ceiling" is, perhaps, not the best turn of phrase, but you know what I mean.

Hope you all are having a lovely day/night/gloaming/whatever :)

I'll post a camthingy if I do decide to brave the painting process.

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