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Time to Prime the Ceiling!

live image of ldy painting

click on image for refreshing cam in new window


I've got this power roller, right? And it rocks.

HOWEVER, I bought a replacement roller cover for it, since the old one got kinda very bluelike.

The old roller cover doesn't come off! Scouring the 16-page manual reveals that all one need do is "unscrew the endcap," yet I've been unable to perform this simple feat, even with the help of pliers and a grip wrench. I've been struggling with this damned thing for over half an hour.


Screw it. I'll hand-paint the area by the pipe, then try doing the ceiling with the old blue roller. Let's see what happens, right?

We can always break things later :D

9:43 ADDENDUM: All done for the night, 'cept for the cleaning up! Tomorrow's gonna be worse-- I allowed myself to do a half-assed job on the priming, but the actual painting is going to require cutting in. Feel free to stop by!

Ow. I think my arms are going to fall off.

('s only a flesh wound.)

Gonna relax for a few, then clean up the power roller. Thanks for joining me; hope you're having a fantabulous night :)

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