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days go faster and faster and faster...

Slept in.
Did housework.
Saw brave new combo at Sch'dy's Central Park with M OMG, they ROCK! I bought a couple CDs and tried to find some local sunday-night karaoke for the boys, to no avail. One invited me out for drinks, but I declined. ;)
Worked on telecommuting thing (I think I'm going to do vnc, just because it's quick and dirty and open source).
Gonna pay some bills and collapse eventually.

REALLY slept in.
Went to Saratoga with M, walked around, ate, shopped, etc.
Bought a PIRATE SHIP KITE (Yes! It's a KITE! It's also a PIRATE SHIP! And it came with an EYEPATCH!)
Bought a domain and stayed up way too late.

Desktop published for 21 hours straight. Holy smokes. I didn't even take a lunch or a dinner or anything (though I did have some lunch at my desk).
Worked at work for 9 hours.
A friend of mine came over and caulked my tub in return for doing up a flyer-- he read scriptures to me and blew on his shofar while I tippitytyped. Swear to G-d, my life is too weird to make stuff like this up.
Stayed up 'til 6a designing/creating CD cover, back, and label for Z's new EP. It's awesome :) I should get my copy on Tuesday. They sold a bunch already this weekend.

Oh, like I can remember anything that far back at this point. I think I did laundry and something else. Oh, that's right-- I was sick and only went in for half a day at work. Then I did laundry. Yes.

Tomorrow, I'll take on the landing again, this time with some blue paint and the power roller. I hope to have new webcam software installed by then, so maybe you can join me :)

In other news, KoL has been fun. I don't have as much time for it as I'd like, but I've joined a clan (Iocaine powder-- the name itself rocks), bought a shop in the mall, and made it to level 9 already. Rock!

I haven't been here at all. I'll be back when the dust here has settled (figuratively and literally!). Love you guys :)

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