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brief update on stuff done

Still not here much, if at all. I miss you all :)

And my apologies; I haven't much been keeping up with comments, either.

Issa gonna get worse before it gets better.

Did a load of laundry
Sanded the mantle
put another coat of spackle on the mantle
Sanded the landing
Spackled (joint compounded, actually) the landing. Again.
Watched Law & Order

Did more laundry
Made and ate dinner
Sanded the landing
Another layer on the edges on the landing. Man, some of those areas were really deep. It's lookin' good, though.
SCRUBBED the litter box, and moved it to a safer location (I don't think he's used it since I started sanding). I hope Max finds it, and finds it to his liking :P

I was going to watch a movie with Michele tonight (she's never seen Spiderman 1), but she had a touch of the flu. We may see Spidy 2 tomorrow or Saturday, regardless. I'm looking forward to it; I could sure use a rest.

That's it for now. I wonder if I'll get the landing painted this weekend... or maybe I'll do the electrical work, or cover up the asbestos, or sand and point the foyer ceiling or or or...

A little more wine, and then I'll sleep. Beyond that, I'm not going to worry about the future tonight :)

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