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remote networking questions for the peanut gallery

In order to keep my job while in florida, I need to set up remote access to the office here in new york.

Right now, we just have a number of PCs linked together on an ethernet hub. Most of the files reside on one computer (mine).

Ideally, I'd like to have a central server, and maybe a VPN set up. There are a few problems with this lovely idea:
  • I'm not sure we can afford a server.

  • There's nobody here with technical savvy in case something goes wrong.

  • I'll be the only one accessing the system remotely, so perhaps a VPN is overkill.

It might make more sense to build another PC to store the files on, and just set-up a quick-and-dirty ssh connection.

Any thoughts?

Keep in mind that I'll probably have to implement whatever I come up with, and I am a technical luddite.*

* OK, I'm not really. But I'm not exactly MSCE material, either, despite my responsibilities as the IT chicka.

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