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It's all just pun and games until somebody loses an "i"

Paul and I have strong bonds between us. We both value honesty, integrity, trust, and a well-poured pint of Guinness.

But the core of our relationship goes far deeper than that. Our deepest core value, in fact, is one that Zack shares as well.

Here's our little text exchange last Friday night, as they were packing for their early morning flight to see me.

<td bgcolor="FFFFFF">P 1:04a P_You gonna help me retire early when you're a rock star? Z_You say something? P_Take ample time to consider. Z_If I do, can I have my pick? P_You're so guitared.C 1:09a Don't fret. If he's so_low as to string you along, then he's base.P 1:13a Z_Ow! That was a kick in the nut! You're a real pain the neck. How did you pickup my Dad? Never mind, let's not cross that bridge.C 1:18a I'm not even a stepmom yet, and it's already time to cut the cord! Such a pain in the neck, taking this up another peg! Must you hammer on so?P 1:22a Z_Don't take that tone with me! I want to live in harmony. This conversation is getting off key.C 1:27a I always thought our family dynamics were strong; off the scale, even! Now you've gone and made me lose my tempo!P 1:29a Fender off for me, Dad!P 1:30a I guess I need to slide in and break this string.C 1:33a Don't sugar-coda the situation! I think you should refrain from beating him, but you must admit- he's in major trouble for a minor!P 1:34a What do you two hope to gain by this chorus? We should band together.C 1:36a He's sharp, but he's a treble-maker.P 1:37a You took the lead into our next message with your treble making!C 1:40a I knew it was only a matter of time 'til we'd duet, suite-y.C1:41a SCORE! ;)P 1:46a Please note, you should have symphony for me. Your message arrived when it was my tune.</td>

Later that same day:

<td bgcolor="FFFFFF">P 11:46a Real conversation waiting to deplane: Hey, dad, where's your carryon? Right here, my wayward son.C 11:47a Well, be careful not to leave a piece when you are gone.</td>

Our long-distance relationship is a huge strain on both of us. Sometimes, I wonder if we'll make it. But any time I get discouraged, any time I wonder if we truly are meant to be, I only need ask myself The Really Important Question of Life and Love:

"Would anyone else put up with this crap?" ;)

Last night, the three of us had planned to watch A Shot in the Dark. You see, Paul had gotten me The Pink Panther boxed set on DVD for my birthday, and we had introduced Zack to the first film Monday night. For those who don't remember (or who have never seen the films) The Pink Panther is not a screamingly funny film for the most part; although it certainly has its laugh-out-loud moments, it's mostly exposition to set the scene for the movies that follow. So we were out to redeem ourselves with what is, in my opinion, the best film in the series.

However, at some point during dinner, the subject of Boggle had come up. I LOVE BOGGLE. I bought one when Amazon had their big buy-one-get-one-free game sale going on, but hadn't even opened it (nobody in his right mind will play Boggle with me). I was hoping Paul and Zack would share my love of this addictive word game.

"What's Boggle?" they asked.

They had never heard of it. I was flabbergasted. How could someone who lives in the twenty-first century have never heard of Boggle? I handed them the box.

Zack crinkled his nose. "It looks, well, lame." He's fourteen, by the way, so this response wasn't entirely unexpected. "No!" I countered, "It's really, really fun! It's like Bookworm, but without the books! Or the worm! Or the computer! OK, it's really nothing like Bookworm at all!"

Zack just stared at me.

I stopped trying to describe the game at that point and instead insisted we play a round. Just one round. If you guys hate it, we won't *sniffle* ever play again.

So we played, and we laughed. I didn't hold back, and trounced them both pretty badly. In retrospect, I probably should have cheated a little.

We played another round. And another. And another.

I think we played fourteen rounds altogether. Paul dropped out after the first seven. I wholeheartedly believe it was entirely because he wanted to keep on top of his work email and not at all because we were spanking him like a newborn babe.

I sorta spanked Zack, too, but he played really well, was a good sport, and genuinely enjoyed the game.

Thank God. Thank God for that.

As God is my witness, I will never go Boggleless again!

I had to stop after fourteen rounds. Zack and I were both a little overtired and lot giggley. So we did what every family does before heading to bed: We sang short odes to our newly-fabricated Nordic god of lost socks, THOCK. (We'd had a really bad round, and had resorted to making up words.) "Thock you like a hurricane," "Thock and roll all night," "Thock it to me baby (uh-huh, uh-huh!)" and "Thock, in the name of love" were a few of our favourite solemn hymns to this underappreciated deity.

OK, break's over; back to work I go.

Hope everybody's having a fantabulous day :)

Thock be with you. (And also with you.)

Oh, and jftr, I'd love a gmail invite, if anyone ever happens to have an extra lying about.

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