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OK, it really said "Lively," "Dashing" and "Yum," I like Carolyne better. Seems a bit more... comprehensive. Accurate, too!

Photo of the ZmanI got my new CDs in yesterday, and finished that celerity quest. SHEESH. The quest took just over three weeks. Whattapainintheneck ;)

The CDs are great :) I got Bela Fleck & The Flecktones' 3-disc Little Worlds, Beck's Mutations (I wanted Sea Change, but BMG's not carrying it; at least, not yet), Fatboy Slim's On The Floor at The Boutique, Coldplay's Parachutes and Mr. Bungle's California.

I have two accounts with BMG, but it's been a long time since I've purchased from them. They offered me Buy One Get Three Free, though, and only charged me twelve bucks and change for the three-disc set, so I couldn't resist. I ordered 'em right before I left for the weekend, and got 'em yesterday!! I may have to start ordering more often, now that I see how much more quickly they deliver these days. Three cheers for almost immediate gratification!

I think they just closed one of the memberships. They sent me the twelve-discs-for-one offer in the mail again... we'll see if they honour it ;)

I've FINALLY discovered how to force aperture priority and shutter priority on my new camera. I'm SO STOKED. So please to forgive if I start posting more photos. I'll try to keep 'em small enough for the dialuppers.

And I'm reading that book on Phi. MAN, IT IS SO COOL. I'd nearly forgotten how much Fibonacci sequences turn me on! :)

Yup, yup.

*twiddles thumbs*

Hmm. I need a distraction...

OMG! Look! It's a dancing cat!

A brief history of playing cards.

(both of those via xiombarg)

Whoa-- this is an ebay worth reading (via gamethyme):

It's become painfully obvious that I really have nothing to say, so I think I'll just go home and wallow in my own self-importance.

Or maybe I'll have a glass of wine and mow the lawn.

Yes, I think that sounds like a plan :)

Later, gators!

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