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Things that suck: spending an hour the night before making an amazing monster salad and bringing it to work along with enough to share with the office and then they eat it all and don't tell you and put the empty bowl back in the refrigerator and you take a natural remedy that needs to be taken half an hour before food and you take the the bowl out of the fridge at the appointed half-hour later and realize that you have no lunch and that life is inherently cruel and fate is laughing at you but you don't know why.

*sigh* The lack of food, it is hurting the language skills.

Eh, no biggie. I'll live :) The venting, it helped.


I don't recall having a song playing in my head when I woke up this morning, which is highly unusual. Also unusual: I awoke before my alarm went off again. Bizarre. I discovered that I was sleeping on my right side with my arms stretched out straight in front of me...and Maxman was in the exact same position. I think I might have died from TEH CUTE.

Paul's home sick again today (he was out yesterday, too). Wishing I could take care of him! Just two more sleeps 'til I'm with him again. Jesus, it gets more difficult every time.

I'll get in Thursday evening, then we'll probably grab a bite before Z's guitar lesson.
Friday, we have some literacy charity thingamajig if Z has other plans, or movie and a boardgame if he doesn't.
Saturday is John & Shelia's elopement party
Sunday is Z's gig (local graduation party)
Monday, I fly back home.

Oh, no! Just as soon as I thought about leaving, I'm home already! These weekends go way too quickly!

This isn't photoshopped; the glass is on a white railing.

Paul's uncle is already at the house, working on removing the old water heater. Hooray! I hope there aren't any problems.

On the way back from letting him in, I stopped by the mechanic's, and they fixed the signal bulb (didn't charge me, either!).

photoRandom links:

The slide-show here made me happy.

We'll miss you, Tony:

My current pointless-game obsessions:
Big Money
Tontie ver.0

Library of Alexandria done been dug up!

Best op-ed article I've read in awhile. Kurt Vonnegut just gets better (and vaguely Marktwainish) with age :)

This is me.

I've been renting more movies. And reading more books. Last week's movies were Lost in Translation and Matrix Revolutions, both of which I enjoyed throroughly. Tonight, with any luck, Michele will come over and we'll watch Theatre of Blood. Vincent Price! Shakespeare! Squee! I can hardly wait :)

Last week's book was Angels and Demons. This week's book is The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number It's pretty cool so far.

Well, that's it for now, folks! Heading home to check on how the work on the water heater's progressing, have a glass of wine, and relax with the cat. Hope your humpday is a great one :) *HUGS*

ADDENDUM: It's an hour later, and I finally realize that it's Tuesday. Well, have a great humpday anyway!

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