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Feet (not a metered rhyme)

Tiny feet are over-rated. Seriously.

If I had bigger feet, perhaps my ankles and knees would be in better shape.

Perhaps you'd be able to see my tootsies beneath flared jeans.

Perhaps I wouldn't tip over so bloody often after a couple of drinks.

However, even I must admit that there are good things about having tiny feet.

They're not often stepped upon by people you aren't real close to.

They're less dangerous to one's partner under covers when chilly.

They smell that much less.

But the best thing about having tiny feet?

photo of shoes

Being able to buy KIDS' SHOES. :D :D :D

omg, flutter-bys!

I've wanted brown slip-on sandals for YEARS. I'd never found a pair that was just right (for me) until I found these :)

Shut up. I like 'em!

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