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Pink ldy

I'm feeling very girly today.

VS underthings, in pretty pink. Whoever invented tanga undies has my undying respect. Such fun they are!
Sexy black stretchy full slip I got from a fckrwear party and never wear.
Pink pearl earrings, necklace and (gasp!) bracelet (being on the computer so much, I never wear bracelets)
My claddaugh
Black ballerina-cut top w/ 3/4 sleeves
Gray and black stretchy-yet-flouncy skirt just above the knee
Very elegant black nylon cardigan
Pretty little beaded sandals with a chinese heel
No stockings, just a little bit of lipstick and my very geeky wire-rimmed glasses

Librarian fantasy, anyone? ;)

Completely horrible choices for traveling, I'm sure. If our plane crashes, I'm in big doodoo.

Like I care :)

I think I'm all ready to go. I was compulsed last night to work on the corporate website last night 'til the wee hours, so I'm tired this morning.

Oh, and I awoke to gunk on my nails. But it wasn't really gunk. Turns out, the cheapie dishwashing liquid I'd bought dissolved my nail polish.

I find that somewhat disturbing, for a number of different reasons. No time to fix it today.

I'm still at the office now, but my ride is here, and soon I'll be dropping off my car at home and grabbing my bag.

Yup, bag. Singular. I managed to pack everything in one carryon. Those of you who have traveled with me know what a feat this is!

My office admin just told me that if I missed my plane, she'd kick my arse ;)

And now the bookkeeper is threatening to take my place! They are subtle at the hintings; I suppose I'd better go.

See you folks on the flipside! Sorry I wasn't able to make plans with any Texan LJ friends-- next time, I hope :)

Be nice to each other while I'm gone, k?

We're going here Friday. I think he's got something up his sleeve, or in his pocket.

This place is known for its sunsets. Forecast calls for possible thunderstorms... so pray for good weather, please?

I'd hate for him to be disappointed.


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