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Random tidbits

It's the most beautiful day of the year so far.
I walked to work, and will walk home, too.
I munched on wasabi peas all day.
I took lunch at 3p, and walked to the bank.
I walked back, and got some Subway.
I bought tickets to go to Gainesville in May.

I cleaned my desk this week. I believe I gave everybody in the office a heart attack.
Ten or more trash cans full of papers. Gone.
I can't wait to attack my files now!

I wanted this. It's Playmobile and it has (what looks like) a redheaded pirate wench woman... AND it has a shark and you can play with it in the tub and everything!
However, I couldn't justify it (both for $ and for moving and for being thirty something years old). So, rather than go for the full-fledged crack, I settled for the gateway drug...
photo of playmobile pirate
Tell me that ain't just the perfect alter ego for me :)
The best part of all this is that I get to place all the blame on mrs_puma.
She's a pirate-toy enabler. I make her buy shoe. (We fight crime.)

Note to self: come back to office tonight and pick up flowers.
I suppose I COULD just carry them home, but that smacks of work!

I am not morally bankrupt. I'm saving my morality
for marriage. It's currently earning interest at 3.24%.

Hey, you guys!
I think I pointed to this before, but I don't think their collection was as complete then:
The digital archives of The Electric Company. How cool is that?

I haven't been responding to many comments. Sorry. I get all caught up in reading everybody :)

Did you know that MahNaMahNa was actually written not for the Muppets, but for a Swedish porn film called "Sweden Heaven or Hell?'
It's true.

This is the longest I've been away from P.
Dammitall, I need kisses.

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