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Dear self: read me if you ever think P's not geeky enough for you (or you for him)

What are you doing?

x9.00 Watching Evolution. You?

y9:02 Hm. That could take awhile.

y9.04 Of all the movies out for rental that one seemed the natural selection?

x9.06 I'm just waiting to see what develops. After all, I only paid change for it.

y9.07 Does it have scope, or just mokey around? Not that Im putting it on trial, its just I heard its creation caused a stir.

x9.10 I was going to look it up on the internet, but I was missing a link.

y9.13 Sorry to hear that cause I heard you say you wanted Evolution.

x9.14 Well, you know, we all want to change the channel.

y9.16 Do you know if it written for the screen or is it an adaptation?

x9.19 I think it's a straight reproduction of the original, with minor changes along the way.

y9.23 You win.
y9.24 Im just not fit enought to survive in this environment I guess.

x9.27 That was a species argument. I enjoyed swimming in the gene pool with you, if you get my genetic drift.

y9.32 There is the extinct possibility will do this again sometime.

x9.33 I'm sure you'll acclimatize yourself. You are asexual being, and a whiter shade of paleontology.

y9.38 Now dont mutate my words. I never said Id cell out.

x9.42 Don't split hairs. Don't you care about meiosis anymore?

y9.43 Id like to nuture this discussion along, but it's not my nature.

x9.44 Still, you show good breeding. You're a good egg.

y9.51 That mate be true, but give yourself credit, you know my trait secrets.

x10.00 I love it when you're dominant. Wanna make out at recess? I'll sing "don't it make my brown eyes blue"

y10.01 Are we going to keep trying to dominate each other in this discussion, or should we call a recessive?
y10.03 If finally happened. My last message was written before I got yours!

x10.04 Repeat of my message. You'll have to do better than that if you ever hope to darwin this thing and get into my genes.
x10.04 Hee :)

y10.07 Btw, you used gene in two messages. My point.

x10.12 I'd already won by that point- TWICE, I might add, not that I'm keeping track or anything. And gene pool's different than gene (no disrespect meant to your dad)

y10.16 If you just drop your genes you will get my point and we both win.

x10.22 Shh. You probably didn't know this, but I'm watching Evolution.

Mind you, this is our make-up banter after our huge argument about moral relativity and Aristotlean virtue ethics last night (and the night before).

I'm still a little miffed about the whole moral relativity thing. He sent flowers, so everything's alright now. Perhaps things were just blown out of proportion or taken out of context. A nice bouquet can brighten your day, and apparently pick up philosophy's slack in a pinch.

Someday, we'll argue about normal things.


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