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All Kinds of Not Recommended for Children Under 3

Here at the office, my coworkers and I enjoy the occasional bit of fast food at our desks. The Office Admin and I are both pretty small in the appetite department, so we usually get Kids' Meals. The best part of these children's meals is that they come with a TOY of some sort. We always want "the good toys" and are saddened by "the lame-o toys."

Well, flashback to a couple months ago. The Office Admin went to McDonald's to pick us up a couple of Happy Meals. They had two kinds of toys-- one for boys, and one for girls-- so they asked which type she'd prefer... to which she replied: "we want really GOOD toys for BIG girls!" The helpful service staff did a double-take, and suggested that they didn't have THAT kind of toy there. To this day, this story still provides much mirth.

Cut to today.

Subway must have overheard her.

animated image of woman with toy

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