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Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like a banana

I've had this journal nearly FOUR years. Holy smokes.

I've been a redhead for three already. Seems like yesterday.

I got my first and last professional manicure in October, 2001. Wasn't I going to do that regularly?

I built my computer in April, 2002. I still haven't moved some stuff over from the old one.

Why does life fly by more quickly the older we get?

I need to move to Florida before we all grow up.

And I need to lend my hand to the shaping of the world.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vampires: Things that suck (or not suck, if sucking's a good thing)-- going for Celerity 3, and forgetting not to use the transits. D'OH! Nothing brightens one's day like losing all one's savings to stupidity! Mind you, bright days are a bad thing in a vampire's world. C'est la mort!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Work is crazynutty. Nuff said there.

The other day, I had such a bad time at work that I went across the street and had three pints of Guinness and a cigarette* in a matter of two hours, then bought a bottle of wine and walked home through the park. Actually, it was rather fun :)

I think I'll try that again sometime when I'm not stressed-out beyond belief ;)

I've been walking to work when I can, and drinking protein shakes in the mornings. I've also been trying to get more sleep. Last night, I was in bed by 10:30p. That's pretty impressive, my friends. I still had a difficult time getting up.

* I don't generally smoke, though I don't kick myself on those rare occasions that I do. It was an an hourly need for twenty something years leading up to last July; now it's a weekly or monthly indulgence.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mister Fatty McFatfat McMaxerton is getting older. He tried to climb back into bed this morning after I'd decided to sleep in a bit, and didn't quite make it. He also had a little trouble climbing up on the sofa as I was leaving. The weather has changed, and the rain is coming. I can feel it in my ankle. He, apparently, can feel it all over. I've already increased his vitamin intake to twice daily. I hope it helps. He's so good.

He went into the attic this morning, and made me go up to fetch him instead of coming straight down. I think he wanted me to hang out with him awhile. I so wish I could have.

Soon, he will be in a retirement home in Florida, with three willing servants instead of one. We're both excited about that.

* For those just joining us, Max is my Lord and Master cat.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

My hand is actually getting better. This is a good thing, since the specialist can't see me 'til-- get this-- June 21. I'll make an appointment to see the regular doctor next week for a follow-up in the hopes that I can avoid the June visit altogether. I'm only supposed to use this medicine for two weeks-- it'd be a shame if I were just a few days short of a cure.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm an actress who doesn't watch movies. I know, it's weird. I really love movies... I just don't make time for them. Two hours seems like a long time to devote to a screen that isn't interactive.

Well, Paul and Zack are big movieheads, and I like increasing the area of common ground with those I love, so I've finally been making plans for Nigel time for movies.

Thursday or Friday: rented Adaptation. Wow, just wow. Best movie I've seen in a long time. I fell in love with the music via beatnikside, I think, many moons ago, but never heard of the movie 'til now. Spike Jonze/Jones/whateverhecallshimselftoday (side note: same guy who did the Beasty Boys' Sabotage video) and Charlie Kaufman are on my short list of people to watch. They're doing another collaboration (a horror movie?) in 2005, so we'll see what comes of that. Spike Jonze is doing Where the Wild Things Are in 2005 as well, which has a screenplay by Michael Goldenberg, who also did the screenplays for Peter Pan and Contact. Could be interesting. I should go see Eternal Sunshine, now that I know Kaufman wrote it.

Saturday: Saw Secret Window with Michele and Ken. Killing someone to fix that corny ending wouldn't have been a half-bad idea. It easily could have ended in the supermarket, and would have been ten times the movie it was if it had. I know, I know-- everybody's a critic. Depp did his homework very well, and the direction, editing, lighting, sound and script were good... up 'til the end.

Sunday: rented Finding Nemo. That was wonderful :) Great characters, great stories, great acting, great editing, great music, great tech work... this was obviously a labour of love, and it shows. They took their time on the front-end, and apparently started gathering info for the DVD early on. I spent a little time last night discovering the easter eggs in the DVD. Much fun :) (On a side note, does anyone know what this is? Thank you, folks!)

Last night: rented Johnny English. It probably would have been funnier had I been in a room with other people. Not Rowan Atkinson's best work (*cough*blackadder*cough*), though he did the best he could. I grew bored with the exposition. The writing was wanting, and never clarified whether Atkinson's character was A. a bumbling buffoon who got lucky sometimes or B. a talented spy who fell into funny situations. Even when the choice is clearer, a spoof like this is hard to pull off (Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers had a hard time mining jewels from a mediocre script forty years ago). Strong characters make for strong stories, and this one had neither. Oh, well. It was OK, but I always hope for better from British comedies (I'm silly; I know). John Malkovich was a delicious villian, and Ben Miller was quite good, too. I'll keep my eye out for him in future.

I'm still on the hunt for Being John Malkovich, which, interestingly enough, would tie the first and the last movie in this listing together nicely. For some reason, it's never in at Blockbuster.

Tonight: Mystery Men and/or Gosford Park (supermarket had a rent 1 dvd, get 2 tapes free dealio).

Oh, and data freak that I am, I simply adore IMDb.com. You probably didn't know that, did you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Paul has decided to go back to school, long-distance, through Excelsior (which, ironically, is near where I live now!). I think he's going for his Master's in English Literature and his Bachelor's in International Business. It's a great program, in that a lot of it is (or can be) based on independent study and testing. He's very excited about it all. I know it will make him happy :)

He wants to learn a language together. He's keen on German, and so am I. I already have 4-5 years of French (which I've forgotten, but could relearn pretty quickly I think), and some limited exposure to German (when I stayed in Germany with Scott's brother's family). Michele knows (or knew) German, too. We'll see :)

I just may get a degree or two myself. Now wouldn't THAT be something!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I really love this link. A few feeds and friends have mentioned it in recent days, but here it is in case it's new to you:
Ghost Town-- a motorcycle ride through Chernobyl

This hotel is really cool, too-- I hope to visit it next year:
Propeller-Island (Browse through the rooms-- they're all unique and, well, words cannot describe them!)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, that's it for now!

I hope to post photos of Toronto by Sunday at the latest. I know, a month late and a Looney short and all that.

My... but how time flies.

Here's hoping that your Here & Now is a beautiful place & time to be, and that your hope is a thing with wings *hugs*

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