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I'm taking notes here while talking on the phone with newbabel, because he is a damned fine writer. I'm sure I can use some of these in casual conversation, and nobody will know that I didn't come up with them myself!
"It doesn't cost anything to be honest."

See? That right there is simply amazing.
"But it's so easy to frighten small children. They don't even know what a pancreas is, they just know they don't like the sound of it being removed!"

So funny and so TRUE!

When If I grow up-- I wanna be just like him! :D

(In all seriousness, he is a helluva good writer, and great guy, to boot.* I was delighted to finally get the opportunity to chat with such a dear friend who happens to be such a witty and engaging conversationalist!)

OH! And I got my Planner Pad today! SQUEEEEEEEE!

* Not to actually boot.

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