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Once upon a time there was a little lemon.

His name was, appropriately enough, Mr. Lemon.

Mr. Lemon lived on a tree on a farm someplace warm.

Life was good for Mr. Lemon!

One day, though, he was violently taken from his tree (along with many of his brothers and sisters) to a big scary place called the Supermarket. There he was a befriended by a dottie old lady. Her name was, appropriately enough, Lady. She took Mr. Lemon home and gave him a nice place to stay in her refrigerator. The dottie old lady was really a kind and well-meaning soul, but her memory was...

...what was I saying again?

Oh, yeah. This is the lemon I found in my fridge.

Hi!  I'm Mr. Lemon!

Read comments to see it in all its GLORY ;)

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