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Memory Dogs and the Lemon from Hell

I had nice photographs to put in here, but the server upon which I would normally keep them is down :/ Next time, I hope, you will get to see the Evil Lemon in all its glory.

The last 24 hours, (give or take miscellany):
  • ...cleaned, procrastinated, cleaned, procrastinated

  • ...found a nice lemon in the fridge and almost fainted (remind me to show you the pictures of this)

  • ...received encouraging email and fantastic phone calls from precious people (thank you!)

  • ...made nummy pizzabread (merisa, remind me to show you a picture :P)

  • ...felt really stoned (for lack of a better term) for no good reason that I could discern.

  • ...put my hair in pigtails (thanks, e!) note to self: pigtails and black leather are a deliciously dichotomous and decidedly dangerous combination...

  • ...went to a bar with my best buddies

  • ...had fun

  • ...played pool

  • ...ran into him

  • ...felt really awful

  • ...ended up at a different bar

  • ...didn't touch the abandoned-yet-pretty-full pack of Newports sitting in front of me, thanks to the glaring stares of the Spotclone-who-lives-in-my-brain-and-growls-at-me-whenever-I-think-about-smoking

  • ...played some more pool

  • ...went home at an ungodly hour

  • ...got terribly worried about the fact that my (elderly) downstairs neighbor's dog had been barking incessantly for quite a long time (which never happens), investigated same, banged on her door to see if she was OK to no avail, banged on her family's door in the front of the house, no luck there, called the cops (~5 am)

  • ...found out this morning she was out of town for the first time, like, ever :P (at least my neighbors knew I meant well and appreciated my concern)

  • ...got two Sunday papers today because a neighbor tried to save my delivered one from the rain and didn't tell anyone else in his family that he did so (and I, not knowing, bought another)

  • ...ate my Sunday nachos, which weren't very good

  • ...downloaded some music

  • ...took a bath. Not enough hot water, but still OK. Used nice natural bath salts called Euphoria!, but they were really only Pleasant!. I did quite enjoy the scent of ylang ylang, ginger, sandlewood, cananga, amyris and jasmine, though :)

Now I'm just tired and depressed. Why? Not enough sleep and too much thought, I suppose.

...would it really have been eight years tomorrow/today? I guess it would have been...

Big welcomes to kellie and mousesmom... you both seem to be beautiful moms with beautiful daughters and I look forward to getting to know you better :)

Very belated welcomes to the lovely Serij, the napadelic Miss Cleopatra Kittymrowr, the mysterious maegical and the most awesome Mouse

Did I miss anyone? I hope not.

Hope everyone's week begins on a happy note :)

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