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Backup your data and Get around Get-It-Now on the LG-VX4400

I love my LG VX-4400 phone. Really love it. Its interface is intuitive (I don't think I've ever looked at the manual), its casing is very durable (it's been covered in water and frozen, and still works perfectly) and its customization options are fairly extensive.

However, the acquisition of new ringtones (a weakness of mine) and wallpapers costs money. About $2 a pop, to be exact (less, if you're a junky like me and purchase several at a time).

There's nothing, however, that says you shouldn't find an alternate route around the system.

Getting Around Get-It-Now

Please note-- this is information for the LG VX4400 only, and I cannot be held responsible for any wacky things you might do to your phone. I'm assuming everything I mention here is legal, but it probably goes without saying that IANAL.1

First off, pick up this Future Dial cord from Radioshack:2

Assuming you already have a USB-capable computer, you're all set on the hardware front. Put the cord aside and move on to the next step.

As for software, there are a couple freebies out there-- the two big ones seem to be GAGIN (Get Around Get It Now) and BITPIM. I'm using BITPIM. It definitely seems the more functional and user-friendly of the two. In GAGIN, everything has to be done through the filesystem. In BITPIM, you have a tabbed interface (but you still have the option of doing things through the filesystem if you're feeling masochistic). Both proggies are free; BITPIM under GNU public license, GAGIN under, well, I'm not exactly certain.

Download your software of choice, and install it. Stop touching the cord. Did I tell you to plug in the cord? No, I didn't. Put it down.

Snag the drivers for the cord here: This is key!

Run the setup.exe in the driver install you just snagged. And open BITPIM. Ready? OK.

NOW you can plug the cord into your computer.3 Got it? Great :)

Make sure you're phone's turned on.4 Connect it to the cord5

Voila-- you are now connected!6

The BITPIM interface is pretty self-explanatory.

Now you have the ability to backup ALL your information, and add ringtones, wallpapers, applications and phonebook entries at will.

Note: wallpapers have to be uploaded as 120x98 pixel bitmaps, and ringtones should be small midis. I say should because some folks (including the manufacturer, iirc) claim that the phone can play properly-encoded mp3s, but I've yet to hear one work.

I'll write a bit more about the wonders of polyphonic ringtones-- where to find them, how to manipulate them, how to use them on your phone, and what to do if your index becomes corrupted (which it will)-- another time. I also hope to get into how to use your phone as a modem, and how to use your phone as a browser by using a WAP proxy instead of paying for Verizon's MSN service.

If you can't wait, consider visiting these fine websites:

They should have the answers you seek.

Happy customizing!

1 I am not a lawyer.
2 Note: THIS IS THE CORD YOU WANT. Honestly, would I bother linking to the wrong product? The one for the VX10 (which connects to your phone's internal serial port) is your friend, not the one for the 4400 (which gets it on with your phone's internal USB port). The 4400 uses a different cord, one without a chip (sometimes called a straight cord). IT DOESN'T WORK WITH THE SOFTWARE. Get the one for the VX10.
3 Afaik, nothing earth-shattering would have happened if you'd kept on touching the plug and connected it to your computer before I explicitly told you to do so. I was just flexing the incredible power I wield as livejournalist. Terribly sorry if I gave you a complex or anything.
4 Talk dirty nerdy to it if you have to.
5 While the cord will go in if the phone's not turned on, it's not enjoyable for the phone, and you'll get less than stellar results. KY jelly is NOT recommended here.
6 ~We're aaaaaaaaallllllllllllll connected; New York telephone~
ڰ I currently have sixteen seventeen windows open on my desktop, not including another six for GIMP. I just thought that maybe you'd like to know that. And I'm currently listening to PDB's Nasty Rhythm. It's good editing music.

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