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Don't ask why I sing to the cat in the bath

Rehearsal was cancelled tonight. Hooray! As much as I enjoy working with the crew (and G-d, I really do), I like the idea of a nice hot bath a whole lot more right now :)

I wanted to buy a bar of fancy schmancy soap at the pharmacy last night, and saw they had a fancy schmancy bathstuffs buy one get one free. So I got some bathsalts, too. (Like epsom, but better, Bre!) The salts were something like $8, and the soap was a rather pricy $5. The salts rang up at $4, the soap rang up at the regular price, the manager did an override, and I got both for $4.

I nearly danced out of there. I'm such a bargain whore appreciator.

Things that taste good that you wouldn't necessarily expect to taste good:
Corned beef hash with dubliner cheese, blue cheese, parm cheese and romano cheese.
Great googley moogley! Kosher I ain't.

I like non-victims. This story in particular made me smile.

And I loved this game:
I actually figured it out quicker than I'd have thought... maybe I just got lucky.

Unlike all the other lyrics engines out there, this one actually seems to be useful.

To the bath!

Whoops-- I forgot to hit Post.

It was a nice bath :)

And I discovered (through singing to him) that my cat doesn't like Black Sabbath's War Pigs, but is rather keen on Outkast's Hey Ya and 50 Cent's PIMP.

I don't know what you know about me,
but I'm a big fat orange kitty.
I sleep upon my mama's titties
and own the city of Schenectady.

He's not as badass as he seems ;)

To bed go I. Hope you are all well and happy. *hugs*

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