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The things people will do to make a buck or ten

Dear sir/madam;

Received my order of item number 378527 (LG 1400 mAH Extended Battery for LX4400) today. First off, thank you for the quick ship.

Unfortunately, there are several problems with this order:
1. Battery packaging was broken at time of receipt.
2. Battery was loose in box.
3. Most importantly: battery has sticker for the 950 mAH replacement OEM battery (OEM Part# BTMAAM- LGLI-ABTL), not the extended battery (OEM Part# BTLAAM- LGLI-ABTL); and yet, battery is the size and shape of the extended battery.

If this is, as it would seem, an aftermarket battery in OEM's clothing, your company could be in serious trouble. I'm sure this is a mistake, and not your intention, and that you will want to send me the OEM battery you advertised and investigate this matter right away.

Please contact me immediately to resolve this issue. I can be reached by phone at [cellphone#], or by email at this address.

Thanks much,

*sigh* I bet they've ripped off a lot of people. I wonder how many companies are doing this... I mean, with the advent of laser printers, specialty stickers and custom packaging, it's not difficult to present a very convincing fake. Had they gotten the model number correct, they'd have had me, hook, line and sinker. As it is, I bet I'm the first to notice that BTMAAM is not the same as BTLAAM.

I'd love to slam these fuckers up against the wall, I really would. But for now, I just want my damned battery :(

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