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It's a beautiful day.

I walked to work. It was icy and cold, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It might not sound like much of an accomplishment, but I feel pretty great about it. It's something I've wanted to do for years. Walking to work doesn't take much effort, helps keep me fit, protects my heart, shows kindness to the environment, and allows me to take notice of the beauty that surrounds me. Only took about twenty minutes, too, and many a kind garbageman nodded in greeting as I passed. They say the first step is the hardest... here's hoping I can do this more regularly :) It's great having the extra time to chat with Paul in the morning, and I suspect the walk will be even more enjoyable once I get my new camera.

Moveon.org is matching organizations with workers matching a personality/skillset type called "geek organizers." Seems their definition includes technological savvy, leadership skills and (possibly) copywriting ability. I think I fit that subset frighteningly well. I've put in a request to see if there are any interested employers/organizations in Florida. Being involved in anything even remotely political in Florida in the fall of 2004 could be very interesting. We'll see if anything comes of it; bliss following, doors opening, Joseph Campbell, etc.

I shift with my left hand only. Thank you Endril, for bringing this important piece of self-awareness to the forefront of my mind.

I've written some brilliant marketing this week. Not just one piece, but several. Really very good. It's rare that I'll take credit for great writing, so that I'm bringing it up is saying something. I think this proves that I need more two-week vacations overseas and more quality time with the Paul. Think my boss will fall for it? Hm. Perhaps not. But if this marketing brings in customers at the rate I'm expecting, moving won't be such a problem for me financially or emotionally.

Tomorrow, Michele and I have dinner at our new fave Indian place, then head over to improv. I hope I don't suck.

Paul may or may not be up the next weekend. Saturday, I may or may not be driving to Toronto to see LJ folks with or without Paul and/or with or without The Incredible Edible Abby. I love having plans! ;P Friday night, I will be going to a lingerie/sex toy party at my office admin's place. Are supervisors allowed to buy dildos from their staff? I don't think we covered that one in the employee handbook.

I've been staying at work late all week-- working 'til about six (I should leave at five), then taking care of personal crap 'til about eight or so. However, I've ordered my camera and memory, purchased a spare cell battery and a spare camera battery (both OEMs), balanced my checkbook, kept up with the lot of you, investigated an odd charge on a credit card, discovered why my mortgage escrow suddenly jumped up by $100 (yikes), performed some maintenance on my orkut communities, and done some other stuff, too. I've attempted to catch up with comments, but had difficulty (pages kept timing out) and have had no luck with returning phone calls. Time, time, time... look what's become of me.

I haven't had time to keep up with my food journal either... but I've been jotting down notes here and there. I'm almost hyperaware of what I eat now, and clothes seem looser on me, so perhaps that journal has already served its purpose.

Tonight I leave by five at the latest (the Office Admin is under strict orders to kick me out), and take care of filing paperwork (two things I never, ever, do). If I'm feeling particularly grooooovalicious I may take a different route and pick up a nice piece of fish at the market on the way.

Because, you see, the sun is shining and I'm walking home today :)

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