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Girls on Film

I've been researching prices on this camera for three days now. You know, because I have nothing better to do, and because five hours of my time is worth saving $10. *cough*

Anywho, guess where I end up getting it.


I slay myself, I really do.

Monday, I will be img src=photos again :)

Ldy needs food, badly. I've been posty today. Here's hoping I get to respond to comments sometime today or tomorrow :)

* They offered $30 off with a 64mb CF card or $25 off with another qualifying card... which actually came through as $30 off with my 256mb card (score!) which made it dead equal to the best deal I'd found on the web. I'd probably have preferred a different card, but this one will do... and I am forever in awe of Amazon's fast shipping and excellent customer service.

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