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Uhm ...why is the office spinning?

Yesterday, I...
worked really late
sang that nifty song that michaelboy mentioned ~15 times
didn't eat dinner
played some outstanding pool
drank a couple beers on an empty stomach
smoked part of a cigarette (blech blech blech! won't likely do that again!)
drank another beer at home
got stupid.1

Friends2 don't let friends IRC drunk :P

The post I had planned to write yesterday about mythical kingfishers and the calming of the waves will have to wait 'til tonight or tomorrow, I suppose (assuming I don't go to the city and shock/hug3 merisa).

OK. Must attempt to be coherent and do workthings now. Punctuation's returning; that's usually a good sign.

Oh, and my assistant just had me look up this word, thought some of you might appreciate it:

Main Entry: om·pha·lo·skep·sis
Pronunciation: "äm(p)-f&-lO-'skep-s&s
Function: noun
Etymology: New Latin, from Greek omphalos + skepsis examination -- more at SPY
Date: 1925
: contemplation of one's navel as an aid to meditation; also : INERTIA 2

Happy Freitag, meine Freundez. :)

1 Actually, I was pretty stupid/loud/silly all night. Not really myself at all (well, except the silly part). I think I've been under some stress or something. Perhaps I just needed to blow off some steam.

2 I forgive you... please don't blackmail me :P

3 A woman, a taser, and a whole lotta love...

3 I already did 3, didn't I?

4 I'm reasonably certain there isn't a 4.

z Thanks, zed :)

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