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This is me procrastinating

Oh, my G-d. I had a saladgasm today. Who knew roughage and vitamins could be so sexy?

Note to self: make more amazing salads.

I was so busy... I wasn't going to read LJ today at all... but then I changed my mind.

And I had to go back 350 entries this morning just to get back to where I left off last night. Holy shamoley. I'm guessing I've read another 200 or so since then. Heck, let's go find out!

How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop entries do pass by in the span of 24 hours?

clickity clickity clickity clickity click click click click click click click

The official count: 547. Just shy of 550. Wow.

But all in all, I'm really glad I did :) I saw some amazing and wonderful things today!

I write a LOT more in comments than I do here sometimes... I should probably pull stuff and put it here. I never know when something's worth copying, though.

Have I told you lately that I lurve you?

I'm cleaning my room because Aaaaaaaabbbbby's coming to visit. And we're gonna have a sleepover and we're gonna make popcorn an' we're gonna talk about boys an' we're gonna go out with M to see a band play an' we're gonna eat everything bagels* an' we're gonna drink Mike's hard cranberry lemonade* an' we're gonna laugh and giggle an' we're gonna make a fort under the covers an' we're gonna watch a movie an' stuff.

Maybe I'll put the cam on Saturday.

This entry was brought to you by the number umpteen and the letter P.

* Even the most ardent dieter knows that there are times when it's important to break one's diet.
** I'm liking having the other journal. It gives me another place to put things :)

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