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gonna be an early night for me :)

And since we've no place to go, get mo' hoes get mo' hoes get mo' hoes

We haven't gotten hit by that storm yet, but we're only expecting five-to-eight inches tonight.

Pfft. That's nothing. I may have to bring the shovel to get into the office. Not a big deal up here.

Heh. Even the weatherguy said it was a "minor storm." We're jaded, I tellya.

How do we get Wesley Crusher Will Wheaton to audition for us?

We had improv rehearsal last night. (No matter how many times I type that, it still strikes me as Terribly Silly). I really like the new guy, and the new girl has potential.

Fearless Leader has shorn his locks, and donated them to Locks of Love (I'm assuming that's the organization he chose). Good for him :) It's a nice look, really.

We have auditions Friday-- I plan to be there.

And then Abbylicious will be up for a visit! Hooray! Hoorah!

My momma told me, you'd better shop around hit the January sales

Michele bought me flannel sheets. Oh, yum. And we went clothes shopping at Kohl's the other night. Oh. My. Gawd. It was my first time there. I lost my Kohl's virginity with three pairs of pants, four or five shirts, a sweater, and something else maybe? for ~$100. Most things were under $10. I'm in shock.

Oh, and we went shopping for walking shoes for my trip to the UK. I figured I'd just wear sneakers; M wouldn't hear of it. I suppose, in the end, we compromised. I couldn't find anything anywhere, then went to Payless and found the perfect walking shoes for $12. TWELVE DOLLARS. (Man, can you tell I dig a good bargain?) I have really flat feet and wear orthotics, so I almost never buy cheap shoes. I consider it an investment in not turning my ankles. These are great though! Black lace-up, kind of a suedey leather, boot soles, high-top with a cushioned ankle... click this link to see one up close and personal. It's not as pretty a shoe as perhaps M might have wanted me to have, but it's better than sneakers, in both looks and performance. I waterproofed them last night, and started breaking them in today :) I'll probably still bring my black boots with the heel, but these will be better for major walking days.

Speaking of major walking days, Neil Gaiman pointed me (and fifty thousand other fans) to a wonderful source of great walking tours of London. He couldn't have had better timing :) We'll definitely hit a couple of these! I'm psyched-- thanks Neil!! (Like he'll ever see this...)

A weighty matter

P has determined that he's sixty pounds overweight. He's jumped with both feet into Atkins, and has already lost ten-to-fifteen pounds in just over two weeks! I like playing devil's advocate and arguing* with him about it :) Don't tell him-- although I still have concerns about its long-term effects on the kidneys, and want him to up his EFAs and lower his saturated fats because of cardiac concerns (perhaps consider Southbeach for that same reason), I'm secretly very impressed by the program, and with Dr. Atkins' activism. But you probably knew that already.

I'm even more impressed by P's passion and sticktoitiveness. When he makes up his mind, he can be positively scary with his verve and bulldogishness. He doesn't take no for an answer, not even from himself.

Meanwhile, I've been watching my caloric intake as well. It's about time. I was five-to-ten pounds heavier than my ideal when I quit smoking, and have gained another ten-to-fifteen pounds since quitting. (Did I mention that I've also given up any fantasy of smoking cloves again? I have.)

No Atkins for me, though. I don't eat much meat to begin with (though I do believe it's important to up one's protein intake in general, especially at breakfast). I don't even really diet, as such. Never have. I just become hyperaware of what I'm eating.

In my life thus far, I've been overweight, and I've been anorexic. I've been staying in the "healthy" range for the past fifteen or twenty years, though my weight generally fluxuates by ten or fifteen pounds annually. This is the first time in quite awhile that I've actively worked towards losing weight. This time, I'll be doing it with a much firmer grasp of nutrition, so I'm sure it will be an interesting ride :)

I don't expect to see results immediately. As much as I'd like to drop ten pounds for my trip with Paul to the UK, I don't think it's wise for me. I'll just put it back on during the vacation. I'd rather take a closer look at my eating habits, eat small servings of good food when I'm hungry, and drop the weight slowly. I may not be as hot as I'd like for Valentine's Day, but I'll be superhot by the time I move south.

Oh, on that subject, if anyone is into it, true_nexus has put together a community called living_well. Seems to be a bunch of like-minded people looking to lose some weight, eat healthier, etc. It's nice to have that reminder pop up on my friends page during the day :)

Just for data research purposes (it's ALL ABOUT THE FREAKING DATA!)** I'm keeping a food journal over at ldysaphyre. It's really not terribly interesting. Seriously. I'm finding it quite helpful, though.


My boss had been pretty sick with what I'm guessing was the same thing that hit me... but he hasn't really been the same since. I'm rather worried about him. His memory is just shot. A lot is falling on my shoulders right now-- a whole lot. I'm hoping he and my staff will be OK while I'm gone for two weeks.

There's a wagging penis here. I'm just sayin'.

I know a lot of transgendered people, and I'm terribly keen on Jethro Tull-- especially older Tull-- but I still find this somewhat disturbing. I'm not sure why.

P is taking me here for lunch on Valentine's day (sadly, dinner's already booked solid there). Seriously, look at that link-- it's probably the most fabulous place I could ever imagine going to for Vday. We might do a ghost pub walk afterward. I'm all woozy with swoon.

That's it, goodnight :) I'm going to make a salad and jot a few more things down in LdySaphyre, then call it a night.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough :)

* Arguing in its truest sense-- not knocking the other person or seeking emotional validation, just discussing in a passionate manner :)

** Once, we argued REALLY passionately. Just once. I'd almost call it a fight. We were drunk. It was all about the data. I think we both shouted that several times. What was the actual argument? Whether data should stand alone or be interpreted by its source. Actually we had two arguments going on because the basic tenet was misconstrued and we both immediately agreed that it was all about the data. Whatever! We're such freaking geeks. We can't even fight like normal people! ;D

*** I had something interesting here, then stuck it someplace else. So... how does a monkey make toast in the zoo? He sticks it under the gorilla.

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