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Uhm, have you come to arrange a holiday or would you like a blow job?

Oh, my dear Lord-- MY EMAIL FINALLY WORKED. I'd totally stopped using it on this computer MONTHS ago, if not close to a year, because it would hang every time I'd try to send something, and just tried it again because I didn't feel like firing up the laptop and IT WORKED. It WAS the freaking network card after all. Guess the last driver update did the trick! Colour me all kinds of shocked and stuff.

The sweet $399 British Airways flight became a $469 British Airways flight by the time I got home from the office. Damn. Still, not bad for RT international travel three weeks out. And my Baltimore flight was only $30, because I had a credit with the airline :)

Flight to/from Baltimore-- check
BWI to/from Heathrow-- check
I'm guessing travel to Edinburgh and Dublin is handled through his company
Dublin to Heathrow-- check

His flights have been handled as well, and itineraries have been emailed back and forth.

He and I arrive in and depart from Baltimore within half an hour of each other. How cool is that?

Perhaps I missed my calling as a travel agent. Who knew?

His company will cover the hotel and a number of meals... I would never have thought that we could have pulled this off, but here it is.

My first real two-week vacation.

A weekend in London. A train-ride to Birmingham. Several days in Dublin. Valentine's Day in Edinburgh.

Everything I've dreamed of, and much more.

AND my email works!

Wow. I guess Fairy Tales DO come true :)

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