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Uninspired and banal, indeed.

So very sick. I tried to write an entry from the hospital, but lost signal.

I was supposed to come home Sunday morning, see Victor Wooten with M Sunday night, and go to work Monday.

I was so ill Sunday morning that I could barely get out of bed. I didn't leave G-ville until 6p Monday, and even then, I probably shouldn't have flown.

Was planning on going to work today, but spent the night alternately sweating and freezing.

Called my doctor's early this morning for an appointment. Went there at 10:45a this morning. They kept me waiting 'til 11:45. Then I saw the PA, who threw some nasty antibiotics at me and gave me a script for a chest xray. By 1:15p we'd at least ruled out pneumonia.

M picked me up at medical imaging (she's a tech there, after all) and took me to an Indian restaurant in Albany for some mulligatawny soup. She's so awesome.

Seems that a lot of Whateverthisisthatisnotpneumonia is going around. What's funny is that I think I caught it on the plane down.

Anywho, other than my near-demise, the weekend was great :) P had no clue what he was in for. Pictures are forthcoming.

I miss me boys already.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

LdySaphyre says "Do-Obi"
Shadowy figures burst from the darkness all around. Before LdySaphyre can respond, the vampire is immobilised, held pinned to the ground. Another silhouette steps forth, holding out on the end of a stick a piece of platemail strangely visible in the dark. Then you realise - it's glowing with red heat. The platemail is pressed against the chest of LdySaphyre. With gritted teeth, LdySaphyre bears the pain without a sound, other than the sizzle of flesh and bursting blood-vessels. After what seems an eon but is probably more like twenty seconds, the figures depart as slickly as they arrived, taking their armour with them. LdySaphyre looks weakened, and yet, strangely, strengthened.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm goin' back to BED.

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