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Here again gone again girl

Mercator says "Merry Christmas, LdySaphyre, and welcome to the Salaxian territory! For your Christmas Shopping needs, go to http://blood.datavibe.net/salaxacis/territory.html. Have a nice day."

Teehee. OK, I don't roleplay much in the vampires game, but that's pretty cool.

Also cool-- I talked to softhome.net about the popups. They weren't aware of them! So they disabled all banner ads until they can talk to the advertisers. Woot! I may throw money at them yet.

Best part of today's staff meeting: CEO (my immediate supervisor, the 75 year old owner of the company) referring to freebies we could earn for achieving certain goals as "booty." L, I and myself couldn't stop laughing. Arrr, booty! Shake yer booty! Booty call!

On a related note, I head south for my sweetie's bday tomorrow. So, I'll be offline for the next four days or so.

Hope everybody is well and happy :) See you on the flipside, folks!

*shakes her booooootaaaay (arrrrrrrrrrr!)*

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