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Random thoughts

bigkev is dead?! I'm still in shock over that one. I only met him once, but was struck by his honest kindness. So sad he died so suddenly. I'm happy he touched true happiness with Kathy, though. Some people live a hundred years and never know the happiness he did. Still makes me cry, though. He was so very young. Younger than me.

Rest in Peace, Kev. You touched a lot of lives. My heart goes out to your family and friends.

Speaking of friends, I didn't forget your birthdays, I just forgot to SAY happy birthday. I'm a dorkola, I know.

And I miss princessblondie.

Dear Lovermanofmine:

Move to Florida?! It's hard enough for me to commit to a flavour of ice cream without waffling (mmm, ice cream and waffles!), and you want me to commit to selling my house, quitting my job, quitting my troupe, buying another house, moving to another state, getting another job, starting another troupe and raising a kid?

OH, FINE. :)

One step at a time... To do before sale:
Stain the sills
paint the livingroom
probably paint some other rooms, too
paint the front porch
paint that small section on the back of the house
replace basement windows
replace storm window in M's room
repair/replace fencing in back
replace pipes on furnace and hot water heater
contain asbestos
fix wiring (hot/neutral grounds)
soffet vents?

Softhome has added banners and popups to all its webmail pages. We hatessssss that. Thing is, if I'm gonna move my mail, I'm gonna move it once. So I might as well get a nifty sounding domain and do my mail through that. Yesssssssssss.

My boss is driving me crazy. Hm. What else is new?

Oh. I'm a huge nerd. Or at least I am if you round up. 59.523809523809525% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

Remember when I went to apply for my passport on December 19? Yeah? Remember how they said it would take four to six weeks? It arrived LAST FRIDAY-- two weeks to the day. Yay, Boston Passport Agency! I, of course, look like ass :)

Oh, and I totally redid my journal style. My only regret is that I can't seem to change comment links on my friends pages to open in a new named window. Ah, well.

"Edinburgh" is a tasty word, isn't it? Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Edinburgh.

I am SO leaving work right now. I'm not sure how one gauges the amount of leaving work one is doing, or the extent to which one is leaving work, but I'm evidently leaving work with gusto.


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