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Christmas was good.

I don't remember if I've ever posted about it before, but Shadowfax can probably attest to the "I am thirteen years old" phenomena that occurs whenever I visit my parents. I am a thirty-five year old woman everywhere else in the world*, but the closer in proximity I am to my dad, the younger I become (approaching thirteen). It's horrendous. I can only stand it for so long. I figure it's just one of those relationship things, and a figment of my imagination.

However, this year, P fell into the Vortex of Adolescence as well. "AAAAAAAAAGHGH! Am I thirteen?!" he cried in desperation. Since I thought it was merely issues from my own childhood stuffed deeply into my subconscious, I hadn't warned him about it.


My Dad's pretty powerful, I guess.

Little Dude dug the geeetar pretty thoroughly. It sounds wonderful, and I can hear the difference in his playing already.

Also gave Boy a copy of Time Bandits. He'd never seen it before. Whee :) We enjoyed it (and so did my 'rents). DVD itself seems faulty-- gonna send it back to Amazon. But I'm looking forward to watching the version with audio commentary someday. We heard a bit of it before my dad came out and made us turn off the TV (P and I are thirteen, you know-- Z should have known better at fourteen). It was so funny, I had tears running down my face. You know how DVDs are divided up into sections, and many DVDs choose to title those sections with pithy and clever little sayings? Well, the actual DVD titles are quite nice. But when you put on Audio Commentary, they all change-- and some are rather nasty! Three cheers for Terry Gilliam, and an extra cheer for Criterion for including that bit of nonsense :)

I've so much to share with Little Rocker Dude, I really do. Later that night, we sat up playing "movie dubs" over the Jewelry channel, and then over Chuckie (in Spanish) which evolved into a movie about a woman hawking sugarless gum (don't ask). I can't remember when I've laughed so hard. We're such GOOFS.

Any two of us together create a force of Goofiness that is off the charts. The three of us together are downright dangerous.

Saw LOTR and Peter Pan. Peter Pan hit me on a very personal level-- while the tween sex appeal thing was pretty creepy, it IS a love story (or was, before Disney got their hands on it in the '50s), and the rest of the movie was fabulous. I also realized that I am not five years old. I am an adult.

Seriously, I didn't fully realize this. No surprise to the lot of you, I know. It was weird, though, finding myself identifying more with Mrs. Darling and Hook than with Peter and Wendy. This isn't to say that I'll ever completely grow up, you know, all the way. Merely that my perspective is not quite what it was.

And of course, there were pirates. Well, stuff it. I STILL think Hook's pretty hot. Doubling Mr. Darling as Hook was a brilliant casting decision, and well-executed. I can see what Wendy saw in him.

Pre-teen sexuality and father pirate attraction. Yeah, the critics will pan it. But I still dug the movie :) It was well-written, perfectly-cast and the CGI and lighting were fantabulous. Hell, the lighting alone was worth the eight bucks to me. But I'm a freak.

I hankered for everything bagels during the entire thing. (That should only make sense to one of you, btw.)

LOTR, what can I say? Amazing. On the downside, I wish the endings hadn't been so drawn out. That's my only criticism. The rest was fantastic. And yes, I realize that at least three of the endings weren't even there. But the ones that WERE there took too damned long. Note to Peter Jackson-- never, ever, fade to black, and then go on for half an hour. Please. That said, I SO hope it gets recognized come Oscar time.

Got to see the Faxmeister (horseofshadows, to the uninitiated)-- that was superexcellentawesome, as always!! :) (Got your message-- will call you tomorrow, if I can! I haven't yet tried the Circle of Nummy Goodness.)

Oh, and after that diatribe on beef I gave the other day, I have to report (perhaps a little sheepishly), that I ate a burger at Wendy's xmas eve, and prime rib at Linger Lodge Saturday. Oh, and I ate pork (something that, other than the occasional strip of bacon, I never eat) on xmas.

I'd still rather eat my words than beef... but I live on the edge sometimes, what can I say. If I should die a slow and horrible death from nvCJD a dozen years hence, please put "I TOLD you it would kill me" on my tombstone. And then make a point not to eat my brains. Thanks!

Still not caught up with comments, but I've gotten all my bills paid, and will now finish up my laundry. Next few days will be crazy (work and rehearsal tomorrow, work and gig NYE), so once again, see you on the flip side.

Hugs to everyone, regardless of whatever :)

* but not, of course, on planets with different periods of revolution than the earth.
& This space intentionally left blank. OR IS IT?!

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