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Happy Chanukah
to all my Jewish friends!
Much love from the Goy who wishes you Joy!

Don't hurt me.

So, I created some graphics for the website this morning-- and lost everything (TWICE) to GIMP v. WINDOWS. *sigh!* For every step I take forward, I seem to take two back. But so it goes. Maybe I'll get Photoshop someday.

In other news, I realized that I had to do the passport thing today. I decide to be all suave and take the photos myself. I run home, grab my camera, smartcard reader and software, and run back to work. After ten minutes of The Me Being Dorky Show, I decide that I can't risk being out of compliance with the government's specifications for passport photos and run over to Mailboxes Etc.

After moving fifty zillion packages out the way, the guy took my photo. I told him that I had originally planned to do the photo thing myself with my digital camera an--
"You can't do that. They don't take digital photos."
"Erm, yes, actually, they do-- I just didn't want to be out of compliance with their spe--"
"Tell me this," he said, in his most condescending voice "they require two IDENTICAL photos." He indicated his camera, which had two lenses side-by-side. "Now, how can you get two IDENTICAL photos from a digital camera, eh? You can't, can you."
I stared at him, dumbfounded. "You. print. two. copies. of. the. same. photo."
He just shook his head. Obviously, I was just talkin' the crazy talk.

Is the level of stupidity steadily rising in the world, or is my tolerence for it merely ebbing? Don't answer that. Either way, I don't wanna know.

Anywho, the photo was craptastic, just as expected. BUT THERE WERE TWO! And they were VERY NEARLY identical. *fallsover*

So, I get to the Post Office (they file passports there), and there's a spot right outside the door.
There's an hour left on the meter.
Somebody holds the door for me and smiles.
I thought I would have to fill out an explanation for why I wasn't submitting my old passport, and I didn't.
Several people smiled and cheerfully wished me happy holidays.
There was still an hour on the meter when I left :)

Woot! Wow-- here I was dreading having to go to the Post Office so close to Christmas, and it was a real joy. There weren't even any lines for anything!

I was beginning to wonder if I had suffered a stroke, and this was the Apres Vie of which I'd heard so much. But no.

Got a hold of Bossman-- he wasn't upset about the article at all. Told me not to worry about it.

I still worried-- just a little. I made minor changes, wrote a pleasant, kissyassy note to the editor and sent it on its merry way.

And I don't feel so horrible about the clove yesterday. It's not an I've-fallen-off-the-nonsmoking-wagon thing-- I quit my pack-a-day habit six months ago (my anniversary is the day after Christmas) and will never, ever go back to that, or smoke a "regular" cigarette again. I just really thought I was done with the occasional clove, too. Maybe by next week I will be :) Thanks for all the luff and support!

I still have a LOT on my plate but my spirits are good and I'm kinda catching up with...


We interrupt this entry for The Emergency Phone Call System.
Honey? I asked Z how he felt about, you know, having you as an Almost Wicked Stepmom, and he said "Daaaaaaaaaad, what do you expect 'no, you can't marry her?!' Of course you can marry her." So I said, "no, I meant how do you feel about her?" And do you know what he said? He said "She'll be another authority figure telling me what to do. What's one more?" Bwahahahahaha! Anyway, I love you. You have no worries with us.

So, as I was saying, about work and...


We interrupt this entry for The Emergency Phone Call System again.
Honey? Yeah, I left work early, and picked up Z, and we're going to see Return of the King again. Want me to call you afterward? WAIT-- you have a show tonight! Want to call me during the movie? I could always sneak out to talk to you. See, I know I screwed this up LAST week, when I didn't get to call you before your show, and I caught myself before I screwed it up again. Isn't that good?

Heh. He is so damned sweet. OK. Back to...


We interrupt this entry for The Emergency Phone Call System. Again.
Honey? Yeah, just me interrupting your busy day at work again. Listen-- I just had to share this with you. Z bought me a Christmas present, and made me open it right now, because he said *giggle* I couldn't open it in front of you and your parents. Wait-- this is too good not to share. Wanna know what it is? It's *snort!* a copy of Making Marriage Work for Dummies. Bwahahahahaha! According to him I screwed the last one up, so I really have to make this one work. Dude, here, talk to her.

*SNORK!* Rock on, little dude. You made my day :D

These guys are too funny.

OK, so as I was saying, it's time to...


We interrupt this entry for The Emergency Phone Call System. We really shouldn't, but we will anyway.

Oh. It's my boss. He's living it up in Florida, having a grand time. Good for him :)

So anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah.

Back to work I go :) For all of, what, ten minutes? Then it's off to dinner with the gang (K's in town, and M's coming, too!!), and then the show. Then drinks, then back home to work on the website. Tomorrow it's two shows, and more work-at-home crap. Sunday, another show or two, and more sitework.

So you won't see too much of me this weekend. Hope you have a great one :)

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