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Well, if I didn't pick the most craptastic day to knock out the cloves.

Bossman submitted an "article" to an industry magazine without allowing me to review it first. It was self-promotional. Not blatantly, mind you, but enough to warrant minor edits. The entire piece was written about a specific business and the changes we had helped them make to improve their profitibility.

Well, it turns out that the industry mag doesn't allow articles about specific businesses (thanks for letting us know! :D)-- so rather than make minor changes, the magazine rewrote the entire thing-- badly. I just spent twenty minutes on the phone with the editor, who was so threatened by my questions that he felt he needed to elaborate at length on with whom he had studied, at which papers he had worked, and for how long he had edited.

Listen: I don't give a rat's ass how "good" you think you are, or how long you've been writing. If you've edited an article for publication so heavily that it is not recognizable, and it's rife with typos and no longer true to the original author's intentions, you've fucked up, buddy. Admittedly, you shouldn't have had to work from the original piece in the first place-- but instead of rewriting it haphazardly, you should have sent it back with clear specifications as to what is, and is not, considered acceptable for your publication.

Ultimately, I ended up being very nice to him, and getting an extra few days to work on this. But now, guess who has to rewrite this article, and tread the thin line (assuming there is one-- I'm not certain there is) between what is acceptable to the magazine's editor and what is acceptable to the author. Hell, I may even have to write something completely different.

Meanwhile, said author happens to be on vacation and more or less unreachable.

Well, if he doesn't like it, tough. He never should have submitted the original "article" without my green light anyway.

I'm up against so many major deadlines, it's not funny. In fact, I'm supposed to be home, working on the website right now. But this has to take precedence.

And I have a personal appointment at 4pm that I cannot change, another appointment tomorrow, and five shows this weekend-- so getting in some work on personal time isn't a feasibility.


But there's no self-imposed law that says I can't curse like a sailor! :D

...or move to Florida, for that matter.

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