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And it's really cold out and I'll have to shovel more when I get home

I'm tired and sick and I have to go to Tar-zhay but I don't remember what I need and it costs $50k and takes 60 years to pay off $10k on credit cards if you pay the minimum and I want a clove but I don't dare.*

And I know I have a job, because I have a desk and everything, but damned if I can figure out just what I'm supposed to do.

My mail's still FUBAR, and I don't think anyone but me cares.

We're adding a rehearsal this week, and possible another show Sunday or Monday. My entire weekend is filled.

I have a zillion major projects due this week and next week. I have to leave for Florida Wednesday morning, Christmas eve.

I still haven't gotten gifts for local people-- M, people in the office, etc.

At some point this week, I have to brave the post office to mail that one big gift, and I have to get a new passport, too.

Oh, and I just discovered that I have a dental appointment Wednesday.

Somewhere, I need to fit in a visit to the OB/GYN and my hairdresser, too (uhm, two separate people).

And I need to read much fine print and come to some conclusions about my mortgage and my Roth IRA.

We won't talk about house stuff that needs doing. We just won't.

I could cry. Don't get me wrong-- I love the show. Job's pretty good, too. And who can complain about Christmas?

I just wish I had a little more control over everything. And a little more time to do things.

And I wish I could just relax and get better. Because I feel like sneezing, wheezing crap onna stick.

Every once-in-awhile, it feels like someone is shoving an icepick through my left temple. What's that all about?

None of this makes any sense, I know.

This all gets better eventually, right?

Of course it does.


* I don't carry a balance; I'm just sayin' is all.
** Jftr, I have the bestest bf in the world. Really, he's very wonderful.

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