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Ow, and not in that nice James Brownian way.

I never use this icon. But I will use it for YOU, Mister Northeastern Storm Front! :D

Ugh. Nearly six inches on the ground, and heavy as hell.1

I did the bare minimum for the sidewalk,2 the bare minimum around the car3 and cleared the driveway4 and the walk.

I think I pulled a muscle near my ribcage. We won't talk about my upper back.5

Tomorrow morning will be fun fun FUN! :D


Hm. I wonder if there's somewhere I could move to that wouldn't have all this snow6...

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who can lift my arms up for me.

1 I don't actually presume to know the weight of hell,7 I only know that it's heavy. And dark.
2 "One shovel's width"
3 I can get in (I think) and the tires are mostly clearish.
4 We have alternate side of the street parking. Last storm, I was annoyed because all the cars were on the other side, and I had to shovel through what the plow left in my driveway. Today, all the cars are on my side, and I discovered how good I had it last storm. This time, I had to shovel half the street as well.
5 I lied. Let's talk about my upper back. I do one character in the play with my shoulders hunched up by my neck, and-- surprise!-- I evidently hold my tension there during migraines, too. I think the overall straps on my bib snowpants were rather too tight as well. Eeeeyeeeach.
6 P & Z said they didn't know, but that they'd try to figure something out ;)
7 Oh.
£ It's been awhile since I've posted an entry that was more footnotes than entry, hasn't it! :)

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