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It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. --Harry S Truman

I'm only writing this because of the inherent humour.

I'm spending Christmas in Florida with my Dad & Stepmom, my brother, and P and Z.

That, in and of itself, is funny enough.

But wait-- it gets better.

Since I have performances the next two weekends, I have no time to actually go anywhere and shop, so I'm doing everything on Amazon.

Amazon orders need to go in today to get free shipping.

I have zero time-- zero time-- but I found stuff for everybody. Hooray! :D Several things for everybody, even!

And I'm looking at this stuff, filling out the gift cards ($3.50 wrapping per gift is both a total ripoff and a total godsend), and I remember that family doesn't really know P & Z, and P & Z don't really know family.

And they've all asked me to buy gifts for each other on their behalf.


So I go through and change half of the "Love, [Ldy]" tags to "Love, X," "Love, Y," "Love, Z," "Love, $," "Love, X & Y," "Love, Z & $," etc.

And it dawns on me: I am buying everything for everybody.

(hr1$7m4$, 1 0wn j00

If I get coal in my stocking, dammit, I'll draw. ;)

I hope you are all well and happy and enjoying all life has to offer you. :)

I am going to get some much deserved sleep. Tomorrow promises to be operose.

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